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How to become an optimist

If you are reading this you are either curious, a borderline optimist or best of all, a hopelessly negative person who has been told several times to “stop being so negative!” Or maybe you want to see how you stack up against the Chief Optimist. I have often been called hopelessly optimistic to the point where I have wondered if this is a slam or even a derogatory remark or insult.
Becoming an optimist does not happen overnight. It takes hard work and effort, but it is worth it. You will become happier, healthier, have more friends, most likely get job promotions, and if dating, more dates.

The secret to becoming an optimist is to have the right combination of resources available at all times. In these modern times it includes but is not limited to an Internet connection, a Thesaurus, a dictionary and friends you trust with opposing views. Oh, and you have to watch the daily news, or at least some of it, or find out stuff on the Internet.

Ok, here’s the next step: Look for something positive in everything negative, every negative event, story, incident, shooting, occasion, dilemma and crisis you find, hear about, discover or are told. Find the good part, the silver lining, the ray of hope, the one thing that will make you see the good. Articulate about this using the right words, language, phrases and concepts. Discuss it with those holding opposing views for deeper insights. I am not saying to pretend the horrific didn’t happen or to stick your head in the sand. But I am suggesting that after it is all said and done, to focus on the positive.

When you talk about or share the story, highlight these positives. Argue for them. Share the hope, the love, and the best parts. Do not let the only focus be on the negative. Remember, we are what we think. Think good thoughts and stay positive by seeing and finding the positive. Watch the transformation that begins to happen in your life. You will see everything in a different light. You will attract all things positive into your sphere of influence and life. The wondrous Law of Attraction kicks in and you will be surrounded by positive events, people and optimism will rule the day. You will be healthier, happier and stronger.

This is how you become an optimist.