Healing Gaia:  Creative Visualization

Topic:   The conscious act of directing your imagination to alter something to a desired, specific outcome, often for the purposes of healing, joy, enrichment or profit.

Intention:  Thought and consciousness creates the form; concentrate on and see the big picture and desired outcome.

Framework:  The first thought builds the structure and creates the outline the form will follow.

Focus:  Specific stages of individual focus are helpful; one thought at a time.

Healing Tools:  Dreams, emotions, feelings, ideas, images, instincts, intuition, meditation, pictures, thoughts, vision boards, 3Panel Guide.

Suggested Reading:  Creative Visiualization by Shaki Gawain, Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

Websites:  Google Creative Visualization and explore.

Movies/Videos:  Google Creative Visualization movies and videos and enjoy.

Think About

Creative visualization can be summed up in 5 words:  “We are what we think”.

There is no exception to this. Period. That being said, why aren’t we all rich, successful, happy and healthy? Because “we are what we think” is always happening, in real time. Everything changes with our every thought.

We have approximately 80,000 thoughts a day, and that doesn’t take into account what we are thinking while we are asleep, or our waking subconscious thoughts. This is where it get tricky, right?

The cognitive process of purposefully generating sustained visual mental imagery and transforming everything around us complete with our ever-changing emotions, doubts, outside influences, feelings and the constant modifications these bring forward creates a challenge few are up to. It is difficult to keep a single train of thought going for more than a few minutes. Try it and see for yourself.

The good news is that focused, intentional creative visualization works, and we can utilize this in our Gaianic healing sessions. Success with creative visualization takes discipline, a dedicated framework to follow and a level of intention and focus few of us can sustain.

Successful creative visualization starts with an image, a thought, an intention, a desire, dream or goal tied to a specific outcome. It should be straightforward and simple, written, said or thought in the present tense, and be accompanied by the associated feelings and emotions, generally of joy, pride, happiness and love. It also helps to associate and visualize the successful outcome as well as any actionable steps available including the use of your healing tools. The simplicity of the thought or goal allows for easy focus.

In a Gaianic healing session for instance, the goal might be clean pure water in a presently polluted stream.

  • Imagine the polluted stream being clear, fresh and sparkling.
  • See yourself as part of the clean up process, bagging trash or helping to be part of the legislative action to stop outside pollutants from continuing to enter the stream.
  • Visualize the stream as it once was and imagine it reverting back to its previous state of clarity, freshness and beauty.
  • See yourself drinking from the stream, perhaps swimming in it, too.
  • Imagine the feelings of joy, pride, happiness and satisfaction you feel when this occurs.
  • Stay focused on the positives during every healing session, especially when it is a long term, multi-year endeavor.

While this is a relatively simple example, the steps involved are realistic and include all the necessary components. The key to a successful creative visualization exercise is to not allow for frustration or negativity to slip in and negate any of your progress. Simply focus on the possibilities and the positive.

  • Do not think “it’s tool late, the stream is too polluted”.
  • Do not think “I don’t know anything about the law or how to start this process”.
  • Do not allow yourself to think “I’m only one person how can I possibly make a difference”.

Remember, we are what we think! There are countless examples of where incredible odds were overcome with positivism, perseverance and creative visualization. Look to your own life for pertinent examples as well as within your circle of friends and family. Perseverance is a form of creative visualization.

Applying this to a Gaianic healing session starts for intention, creating the correct framework, your choice of healing tools and your focus.

Try This

Creative visualization is great work, but action is also required wherever possible. Think about and create an action item, outline or template for all of your creative visualizations. Your framework is very important. Once you find one that is comfortable and easy to remember, be consistent with it.


Imagine how you will use the process of creative visualization in a future Gaianic healing session. Start with something simple and expand from there.

Make a list of relevant healing visualizations and see how long you can hold each image in your mind.


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