Absentee Healings

All services and consultations may be done remotely.

Absentee/Remote/Distant Healings work, and in the time of Corona, are being called upon as never before. Heal Here Now. The nature and make-up of the Universal Life Force healing can be done with equal effectiveness in-person and in-absentia.

The Universal Life Force energy is always present and all around us, nurturing and healing us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Energy healers of some form and nature have been a part of every village, town and country since time began. Heal yourself, heal the world; heal the world, heal yourself.

I offer Reiki, Shamanic Reiki, Shamanic Journeys, Gaianic Reiki, Crystal Healing, the Rosary, the Akashic Records, Tuning Forks, Sound, Vibration, Frequency, Toning and Chanting; alone or in combination, to help heal. Everyone’s healing needs are different, but we all need healing energy.

Call to Action:  Contact me today for a free consultation and information on sessions and pricing. 603-661-8664 or steve@optimimplus.com



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