Healing Gaia:  Chakras

Topic:   Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel or disk”. They are the concentrated spiritual points of energy in the body.

Intention:  To understand and make use of the concentrated spiritual energy centers available to us for healing purposes within the energetic system known as the chakras.

Framework:  Develop a coordinated set of protocols based on the locations and functions of each chakra for specific use.

Focus:  Use your intuition and insights to generate specific healing outcomes based upon the feeling you get from the chakras.

Healing Tools:  The seven main chakras and associated tones sounds, chants and colors.

Suggested Reading:  The Book of Chakras by Ambika Wauters.

Websites:  Google chakras for lots of information. Try this one:  www.chakras.info/  and
https://www.vortexhunters.com/vortexmap_usa.html and
https://www.delamora.life/the-chakras and
https://www.pinterest.com/tncorgi/ley-lines  and

Movies/Videos:  https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-illuminated-chakras/ and
https://www.yogiapproved.com/om/top-spiritual-movies-documentaries/  and


Think About

There are seven main chakras. Chakras are considered to be the energy centers of the human body, as critical to our well being as our organs. Colors:  ROY G BIV is a useful reference to help remember the chakra colors. Red is for the Root chakra, Orange for the Sacral chakra, Yellow for the Solar Plexus chakra, Green for the Heart chakra, Blue for the Throat chakra, Indigo for the Brow chakra and Violet for the Crown chakra. There are 88,000 minor chakras or energy centers in the human body; there are 40 secondary chakras located in the spleen, back of the neck, the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet as well as in every joint.

The main seven chakras we focus on are the key energy centers within the human body that help regulate and support us physically, emotional, mentally and spiritually. It has been suggested that there are other chakras above and below the human body within the body’s aura.

We record and embed every thought and feeling into one of our chakras. They stay there until they are processed and either absorbed or released. This can either be helpful and healing, or harmful, and they manifest in distress and dis-ease.

The chakras are associated with colors, sounds, vibrations, crystals, as well as issues and ailments of a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nature. Balanced and aligned healthy chakras are a sign that one:

  • Has their basic human needs being met (1st or Root chakra)
  • Is comfortable with their sexuality and is emotionally well balanced (2nd or Sacral chakra)
  • Shows a strong sense of self through good self-esteem and the appropriate level ego
    (3rd or Solar Plexus chakra)
  • Is following their heart and loves themselves and others with generosity and grace
    (4th or Heart chakra)
  • Has good communication skills along with the will and confidence to act on these
    (5th or Throat chakra)
  • Thinks clearly and is able to work properly with their powers of creative visualization
    (6th or Brow/Third Eye chakra)
  • Listens to and acts upon their intuition through inspiration (7th or Crown chakra)

Signs of chakra imbalance are shown to us when any of the aforementioned characteristics of the seven (7) are not present. Continued imbalance leads to levels of stress that eventually manifest into emotional dysfunctional and physical dis-ease.

As we think of the Earth, Gaia, the Goddess, our Mother as a sentient being, it is helpful to know that she too has a series and system of spiritual energy center, vortexes or chakras. To heal these and keep them balanced, all we need to do is visualize healthy spiritual centers within Gaia, and focus on each chakra one at a time, see her energy centers a balanced and healthy. Doing this is a regular activity during each Gaianic healing session is very powerful.

Try This

Incorporate a chakra-balancing set of protocols into the framework of your Gaianic energy healing sessions. Imagine millions of people sending healing energy to Gaia in this manner.


Study and understand the attributes and characteristics of each chakra, their colors, sounds, musical key and appropriate crystals. There is so much to study, know and learn.

Intuit and imagine where each chakra might be located within Gaia and utilize this in your Gaianic healing sessions; if uncertain, ask Gaia where they are. Tone, chant, sing and meditate as your intuition guides you.


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