Spirit Guides

Topic:  An entity that is a disincarnated spirit here to help, protect or guide a living incarnated human being; a being of nature or of spiritual origins.

Intention:  To welcome, encourage, invite and allow our Spirit Guides to join in and enhance the outcomes in a healing Gaia session; to trust and allow them to intervene for the highest good.

Framework:  To understand the different aspects of each Spirit Guide and trust them to guide us in each step of a Gaianic healing session.

Focus:  To listen to and follow the guidance of the Spirit Guides we have called in during the Gaianic healing session through our intuition.

Healing Tools:  Acceptance, ancestor reverence, angels, animal guides, appreciation, Archangels, Ascended Masters, awareness, channelers, communication, conscious intention, crystals, Deities, Dream Guide, Elemental Energies (sylphs, undines, salamanders, gnomes, nature, earth, air, wind, fire, trees, mountains, stones, body of water), Enlightened Beings, faith, generosity, Goddesses, grace, gratitude, higher power, Indigenous people, intuition, meditation, message reinforcement, OOBE, remembering, nature spirits, permission, Shamanism, spirit animals, Spiritualists, Spiritualism, Star Beings, trust, wisdom women.

Suggested Reading:  Let Your Spirit Guides Speak: A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance and Joy by Debra Landwehr Engle; Spirit Guides: 3 Easy Steps to Connecting And Communicating With Your Spirit Helpers by Blair Robertson

Websites:  https://www.gaia.com/article/what-is-a-spirit-guide?render=details-v4 

Movies/Videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujrjXYsCCmM   


Think About

 How often do you get an intuitive thought? Are they usually associated with a choice you have to make? Have you ever acted spontaneously on a whim, experienced a good outcome and afterwards wondered what prompted you to act on it? Have you ever suddenly changed your mind about something because you had a “funny feeling” about it, and was glad you listened to that inner voice? Where are these thoughts or voices coming from? Might these be our spirit guides coming to us in one form or another based on our faith and belief system?

Studies show we have approximately 80,000 thoughts a day vying for our attention, all trying to communicate with us. When one suddenly breaks through and gets our undivided attention it is a good idea to pay attention and hear it out, followed by the question, “What else?” It is often the next bit of information that is of the greatest importance.

Our spirit guides are often associated with our religious or spiritual background or upbringing. Spirit guides can be in human form, appear as animals or plants, and can take the shape of virtually anything. They might appear as a message we taste, smell, hear, see or feel. Dreams or deep meditation are often a place where many people experience an interaction with a spirit or a guide. Shamanic Journeys are ideal places to be introduced to a spirit guide. What we see afterwards or the next day often reinforces the vision or dream message.

Everyone agrees we all have “gut instincts” and a variety of intuitive thoughts. The eternal question is where do they come from, how might we better facilitate the communication channels, and how can we figure out which ones to truly listen to and act upon, instead of merely being entertained and amused by them. Sometimes our wellbeing and even our lives can depend on them. Welcome to the world of the spirit guides.

All spirits and guides are connected to Gaia, just as we are. Once you have a relationship with your spirit guides ask them to work with you for the greater and highest good as you focus your healing intentions on Gaia. Give yourself permission to hear what Gaia is asking for and follow these intuitive thoughts. Let go of your own individual expectations and trust that your spirit guides will show you an optimal path. Allow your spirit guides to enhance the outcomes in every Gaianic healing session.

Try This

Pay attention to your dreams, intuitive thoughts and gut instincts. If possible, journal these and keep track of the choices you make especially if you are influenced to “change your mind” based on a thought, inspiration or a “sign”. Look for a pattern or a consistent feeling, image, physical sense, smell or sound. As we get in tune and in touch with the manner in which our guides communicate with us, we are better at hearing what they have to share and say. We learn their language. This is easiest for many people to track with a Dream Journal, and can be expanded on with an easy-to-carry around notepad.


Meditation and the dream state is an easy way to ask to meet your guides. They are very accessible this way. They are waiting for you. They respond best to clear, concise questions. Be very specific with what you are asking for help and guidance on. Start with a list of a few things you would like some guidance with, invite them in and give yourself permission to “hear and communicate with them for the greatest and highest good” in whatever form they choose.


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