Healing Gaia:  Dancing

Topic:   Movement of the body to a tempo, beat, cadence or a rhythm. It may be choreographed, done spontaneously, with or without a partner or group and does not require any accompanying music or instruments.

Intention:  To incorporate the kinesthetic and movement aspects of our energy into a Gaianic healing session.

Framework:  The steps and choreography best suited for directing and sending energy in a Gaianic healing session.

Focus:  To sense and feel the movement of the dance to bring out the best outcomes in the Gaianic healing session.

Healing Tools:  Dances:  African, Ballet, Ballroom, Belly, Cajun, Ceremonial, Contemporary, Contra, Country-Western, Disco, Flamenco, Folk, Free-form, Highland, Hip Hop, Improvised, Irish, Jazz, Latin, Lindy, Line, Lyrical, Modern, Native American, Novelty-fad, Rock-n-Roll, Tap, Techno-electronic, Social, Street, Swing, Zydeco.
Instruments:  Drums, percussion instruments, rattles, music, sounds, humming, chanting, toning, singing.

Suggested Reading:  Google Dance books.

Websites:  Google Dancing.

Movies/Videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8MKtYcP5Gs  and



Think About

What is the first image that comes to mind when you think about energy healing? Dancing? Movement? When we dance our energy is racing and moving through our bodies, the atoms and molecules doing their own unseen form of movement or dancing. When we call in the Universal Life Force it is also following a rhythm, a beat, a cadence and a tempo, all attuned to the vibration and a frequency tied to our intention. Dancing is filled with joy and enthusiasm and that is something we definitely want to bring to our healing practices.

Have you ever watched a free-form dancer move as they undulated and swayed to the beat of the song or pounding of drums? The sheer physical abandonment to the sounds suggests an inner power has taken over, as though they have been possessed by Spirit. This is a true response to their inner energy. This is the dancer healing the dancer. Imagine harnessing this movement into a Gaianic healing session!

What are your favorite rhythms? What kind of music sets your toe tapping or body moving? What music relaxes you the most? Do you listen to any music when you meditate, get a massage or do yoga?

Try This

Bring some music that moves you rhythmically to a Gaianic healing session and give yourself permission to move with the beat. Set the intention that this movement enhances, the healing energy from deep within you to Gaia. See how it feels. Experiment with different types of music, movements and rhythms.


Stand up or sit in a chair or on the ground and listen to some relaxing music with your eyes closed. Focus on the sound of your breath, not the music. Relax your hands. Notice how the energy pulses and feels as it adjusts to the sound of the music, the changes to the rhythm, tempo and beat. The vibrations from the sounds associated with the blending of body, mind and spirit begin to emerge. You can feel them. Follow these energy pulses; notice how they ebb and flow and build momentum of their own. Once you are familiar with this sensation and can incorporate it into a Gaianic healing session, send it to a specific healing location. Add movement as you become comfortable with this. This is both fun and powerful.

Stand up or sit in a chair or on the ground and hum, chant, tone or sing. Find a comfortable tonal range. It does not need to be a formal song, in fact it is better if it is not. It can be a familiar mantra or make something up. Next, add some movement, rocking or swaying. This helps to connect your inner spirit to your sounds. Healing energy follows your sound, enhanced by your movements. Direct it based on your intention in the Gaianic healing session.


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