Healing Gaia
Your guide to Healing the Earth

This is a book about healing the Earth, and in doing so, healing ourselves. We are connected to the Earth in every way possible. We are One. There are times when we sense and feel this, and times when we don’t. The awareness of separateness results in personal feelings of sadness, depression, hopelessness, despair and dis-ease and ultimately poor decisions by everyone on every level. We are at such a dire place right now, and the way back is simple. We must focus on healing the Earth, Gaia, our Mother, the Goddess, Pachamama, now. Ancient, indigenous civilizations, our past selves, knew this and honored the Earth every day. We do not, and it is time to change, to remember and to heal.

Dreams are real. They show us what we need to consider, to think about, and perhaps to act upon. Our Earth, Gaia is constantly dreaming us into our reality, communicating and sharing through our intuitive thoughts, offering suggestions, guidance and direction. We know we are doing the right thing when we feel satisfaction based on our choices and actions and we certainly know when we should have done something but didn’t.

I have been drawn to energy and energy healing since a near death experience in 1979. It opened my eyes to the beauty of the Earth and everything around me, to appreciate every living thing, every day. Thankful to be alive.

This guide and instruction manual to heal the Earth was born from that experience and our current situation.

It combines the insights gained from over 40 years of energy healing and its choices, actions, teachings, classes, discussions, courses, readings, exercises, activities, intuitive thoughts, truths, falsehoods, struggles, triumphs, loves, disappointments, successes, failures and most of all experiences. All with an eye toward healing myself and Gaia.

Many of you who have been drawn to this book are already accomplished and experienced energy healers, attuned to Reiki, Shamanic Reiki or some other form of energy healing. Please consider this book an intuitive instruction manual, use it as a guide, like turning to a trusted friend from time to time. Read the topics in any order that calls out to you.

When you are finished and have done the suggested activities you will be attuned to the Universal Gaianic Life Force Energy, to Gaianic Reiki.

Gaianic Reiki is simply an add-on attunement requiring nothing more than awareness, practice, focus and intention. The Universal Life Force Energy, Reiki, can do no harm.

If you are new to energy healing, a hearty welcome to you. This guide will serve as an ideal launching point. Explore more deeply the topics that call out to you.

Optimism Plus is dedicated to helping to heal Gaia by putting together numerous healing options and modalities, from Reiki, to Shamanism, using crystals, sound, prayer, the Rosary, the Akasha, tuning forks, singing bowls and so much more.

Optimism Plus offers healing solutions and calls to action, which we can pick and choose from and do right now, based on our individual experiences and levels of expertise. No one is left out, there is a role for everyone, from the individual sitting at home simply sending love, healing thoughts to Gaia, to prayer groups and those doing deep meditation, to the experienced environmental activists, to sharing of the indigenous people’s ancient teachings through the modern Shaman, Reiki practitioners and accomplished energy healers. Everyone is invited and welcomed, everyone is needed.

Please join us, right now, today, with intention, focus and a sense of purpose. It is time.

I invite you to go to go to the “Healing Gaia” tab above and look at the topics as they are being posted in real time. When the book is completed it will be published and available book form for a nominal donation.






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