Healing Gaia:  Energy Healing

 Topic:   A series of alternative and complimentary healing systems available to everyone based on a belief that vital, healing energy flows through the human body, channeled from a universal source.

Intention:  To learn about and understand the various energy healing systems for their highest and greatest good in a Gaianic healing session.

Framework:  How to arrange the steps and sequence of the chosen energy healing system, to create appropriate protocols for the greater good.

Focus:  To intuitively stay connected to the energy flow and make best use of its healing powers; to follow the energy.

Healing Tools:  Acupressure, Akashic Records, aromatherapy, attunements, biofield energy, touch, breathwork, chanting and toning, contact healing, creative visualization, crystal healing, dancing, directed thoughts, distant/remote healing, drumming, essential oils, faith healing, kundalini, massage, meditation, music, prayer, Qi Do, Quigong, Reiki, Rosary, Shamanic Reiki, Shiatsu, singing bowls, sound therapy, therapeutic touch, tuning forks, yoga.

Suggested Reading:  45 Free Attunements by Chris Comish, Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan, Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber.

Websites:  https://blog.feedspot.com/healing/blogs/ 

Movies/Videos:  Google energy healing,
https://www.yogiapproved.com/om/top-spiritual-movies-documentaries/ and


Think About

What is the first reactive thing virtually everyone does if they slam a door or a drawer on a finger? Experience throbbing toothache? Have an upset stomach? Drop a heavy object on a bare foot? They place their hand on it. Why?

If a child, a friend or family member gets hurt, whether physically or emotionally, our first reaction is to hold and comfort them, often with a full-on hug, wrapping our arms around them, placing our hands on their adrenal glands on their back. Why?

Intuitively we know we are natural healers and can channel healing, soothing, rejuvenating and restorative healing energy to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds. We know that by placing our hands on their adrenal glands on the back we are helping to immediately release the energy of the trauma. Why to do we do this? Why does everyone do these things?

This awareness is a part of who we are, it is in our memory banks, DNA, dreams, an inherent aspect of our essential remembering. It does not need to be taught. We simply know. There is an innate understanding that we are all connected to the universal life force energy, and with that, know intuitively what to do with it on its most basic level.

There is unlimited Universal Life Force healing energy available to us. Our touch heals, soothes and brings immediate comfort and relief to the injury, reducing the sensation of pain and initiating the deeper healing process. We naturally bring universal healing energy into ourselves through a form of unconscious channeling. This happens for everyone, regardless of our knowledge or conscious thoughts.

The process of healing may appear to be slow at times, but it is happening. It is enhanced by medical attention, cleansing, the use of a poultice, salve or ointment or antibiotics. All of the different energy healing tools may be used in conjunction with each other. All the modalities are in harmony with each other.

Healing is also greatly affected and influenced by our thoughts, attitude, beliefs and open-mindedness. We are what we think. Imagine the outcome if we were all fully aware, trained and knowledgeable of the plethora of energy healing tools available and used these with intention, a framework of steps and focus?


It is well known through anecdotal observation that people with a positive attitude are back on their feet from an injury or trauma faster than the negative, “woe-is-me” types. The addition of energy healing techniques is ideal in these situations.


Belief is not required for healing energy to work, but it appears to always be more effective when the belief is present. The good news when using energy healing in a Gaianic healing session is Gaia’s awareness of the source and Oneness associated with the energy. This awareness allows us to connect with the Earth energy, to sense and feel intuitively where to send the healing energy.


Try This


Prior to a Gaianic healing session, sit quietly and ask for Gaia’s advice as to what to choose from the healing tools, and more specifically, where to send it. The more you do this, the deeper your spiritual connection with Gaia will become. If Gaia chooses a healing tool you are unfamiliar with, consider that a sign you are ready to learn about it and add it to your personal healing basket and wealth of healing knowledge.




Read the list of healing tool options and with purpose and intention, do some research. See if one calls out to you and follow up on this. Find a local practitioner and ask for their insights. Find a mentor. Take a class, buy some books, watch some movies. Surf the web.


If you are familiar with several of the healing tools, rotate through them each time and see which ones feel the best for each healing session. It is okay to use multiple healing modalities together.



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