Shamanic Journeys AND CORD CUTTING

Shamanic Journeys are very powerful as they create an intimate bond with you and your current guides, which allows for clearer communications in dreams, meditation, prayer and conscious intuitive thoughts. We often have several guides depending on the agreements and goals we are working on. Here is a current description from the Holistic Pros Trade Show which I spoke at on Sunday, October 16th, 2022 at the Grappone Center in Concord, NH, as well as at the Natural Living Expo in Marlborough, MA in November 2021.

“Take a Shamanic Journey to Meet Your Guides:  Experience and enjoy a guided journey by entering a deep meditative state through rhythmic drumming and chanting the ancient rituals of Shamanic traditions. Descend the Ancient Grandmother Tree into your inner world. Meet your animal and spirit guides. Travel the River of Time to view past lives and events. Receive important messages and gain deep insights into your present life’s path, past lives and future possibilities. Reach your full potential.”

Consider a Shamanic Journey to Meet Your Guides Event at your home, reunion, destination wedding, corporate retreat or place of business. Invite your family, friends or co-workers. The exchange is on a per hour basis including travel time and expenses. The session usually takes one hour and questions and answers can take considerably longer. Allow enough time for deep spiritual conversations afterwards. You could possibly share the exchange with the number of participants. The more participants, the rate per person is very manageable.

Shamanic Cord Cutting for Health and Wellness
Shamanic cord cutting is an ancient, spiritual healing ritual that helps us to reach our full potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by removing, releasing, or cutting energetic connections that no longer serve a higher purpose. Shamanic cord cutting allows us to connect more deeply with our spirit and animal guides as we sever the relationship with unwanted energetic connections. These once useful mind-body-spirit connections can be tied to events, relationships, groups, individuals, jobs, the past, the present and even future probabilities. The ones we need to release in order to continue to heal, learn and grow are called intrusions. These intrusions get in our way by impeding our awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of who we are, clouding our thoughts, instincts and intuition, and can lead to health issues, stress, anxiety and trauma. They hinder us from making appropriate choices associated with our soul’s blueprint and agreements.

Shamanic cord cutting is a very effective way to locate intrusion’s actual physical location in the body and trace it through the timeline continuum or ancestral origins, thus ensuring they are fully removed and released with love and gratitude. The results are profound and amazing.

Shamanic cord cutting can be done in-person or remotely.

Contact us for details on Shamanic Journeys and Cord Cutting, and to set up a free consultation.




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