Gaianic Healing

All services and consultations may be done remotely.

Optimism Plus is dedicated to helping to heal Gaia by putting together numerous healing options and modalities.

Our Healing Tools-Topics include:  3Panel Guide, Akashic Records, Attunements, Breathwork, Chanting and Toning, Creative Visualization, Crystals, Dancing, Druidry, Drumming, Earthing, Emotion Code, Energy Healing, Kundalini, Massage, Meridians, Music and Sound, Out of Body Experience (OOBE), Prayer, Reiki, Rosary, Scrying, Shamanism, Shamanic Reiki, Shiatsu, Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Vibration and Frequency.

A Healing Gaia workbook is currently being written and as the section for each Healing Tool/Topic is completed they will be posted on this site for immediate consideration and use, free of charge. When the entire project is completed it will be made available as a book for a modest donation.

The focus on Gaianic healing is a result of the dire concerns of climate change, pandemics, extinctions and the ongoing rampant, unbridled levels of planetary destruction and the waste of our precious natural resources. Everyone on the planet is being directly and adversely affected.

Optimism Plus offers healing solutions and calls to action which we can pick and choose from and do right now, today, based on our individual experiences and levels of expertise. No one is left out, there is a role for every person, from the individual sitting at home simply sending loving, healing thoughts to Gaia, to prayer groups and those doing deep meditation, to the experienced environmental activists, to sharing of the ancient teachings through the modern Shaman, Reiki practitioners and accomplished energy healers. Everyone is invited and welcomed, everyone is needed.

Please join us, right now, with intention, focus and a sense of purpose. It is time.

Optimism Plus. Heal the world, heal yourself. Namaste.

Gaia/Gaea is the personification  of the Earth. It suggests the Oneness of All That Is, that everything, sentient and otherwise, is interconnected to everything else, that the life force energy is identical in everything. We are One.

Reiki is the “universal life force” of All That Is within Gaia. Reiki is Gaia as Gaia is Reiki.

Gaianic Reiki:     Heal yourself, heal the world; heal the world, heal yourself.

Gaianic Reiki is a form of energy healing whereby it is understood that there is no separateness between the Earth’s energy, our internal energy and our ability to heal ourselves, the Earth and others. It is a merging together of this energy through thought and consciousness to create form, in this case, healing.

Gaianic Reiki marries these two concepts, Gaia and Reiki, allowing us to reach our full potential physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually while nurturing the Earth.

Gaianic Reiki helps our thoughts and consciousness to create form through our focus and intention, healing ourselves and the Earth.

Gaianic Reiki encourages us to become who it is we are meant to be, to become who it is we have agreed to be.

Gaianic Reiki makes use of effective healing tools, techniques and protocols centered on intuition, insights and focused intention.

Gaianic Reiki incorporates all the healing modalities, from Shamanism to crystals, thoughts and prayer.

Gaianic Reiki calls forth intuitively every energetic healing tool at the right moment. The Universal Life Force combined with our inherent Oneness creates us, instructs us and heals us.

Gaianic Reiki:    Heal yourself, heal the world; heal the world, heal yourself.


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