Healing Gaia: 
How to use this Instruction Guide


Welcome to Your Guide to Heal the Earth. Somehow it called out to you. Thanks for hearing the call and following it. Like most of us interested in and committed to energy healing, I have taken many courses, classes and seminars. It is akin to a calling, isn’t it? We have all read numerous books, papers, blogs, explored websites and articles, watched cool movies and experienced personal revelations from intimate moments of success with our intentions, prayers, and healings, both in giving and receiving. Or, perhaps you are new to this and curious? Welcome! Energy healing is a wondrous place of learning, remembering and experiencing.

I have written this Guide for all of us; healers, non-healers, beginners and the experienced to further open up and empower the healing community for the purpose of healing Gaia. I welcome questions, ideas for future topics and conversation.

Try This

I like to read instruction manuals backwards. I usually start with the glossary of terms or the Appendix. I like to get a sense of where it is going and what the author brings to the table, so I can focus on the gaps in my knowledge.

I peruse the Table of Contents and jump into either my favorite topics or the ones I know the least about. Once I get a sense of the overall breadth and depth of the book, I read it like a novel, from start to finish, with my trusty yellow highlighter for marking significant and useful passages. Sometimes I write the page number and trigger word of a pertinent section on the inside cover for quick reference. This is helpful if I use the Guide months later or if I share the concepts with other energy healers and for group discussions.

After you are thoroughly familiar with the Guide I invite you to use it in any order and sequence that calls out to you, and to know that everything is here for you in the moment. (As you look at the topics list in the pull down menu on this website something will speak to you to begin your reading.)

If you are new to energy healing or Reiki, I recommend you take a Reiki I class or read Reiki for Dummies to familiarize yourself with the necessary vocabulary and symbols (see Optimism Plus Center for Wellness and Healing for a list of classes, Reiki I through the Master Teacher Class on this website under Reiki).

If you are already attuned to Reiki and experienced with energy healing and familiar with the Reiki symbols feel free to simply jump to the How to do a Gaianic Healing Session “chapter” and perform a Reiki session on the Earth just as you would on an individual. If, like me, you tend to add things such as sound, drumming, toning or chanting, crystals or tuning forks, by all means, please do so.

I encourage you to follow my suggested sequence, procedures and protocols at least once to get a feel for my original intention and purpose. After finding your comfort zone for future reference, explore, get creative and “follow the energy”. Heal the world, heal yourself; heal yourself, heal the world.

The success of an energy healing session is dependent on the practitioner’s intention, framework, focus and healing tools.

Intention (noun):  The object of one’s focus for creation or manifestation; an intended, desirous outcome of a thought or action.

Framework (noun):  Conceptual arrangement of ideas and thoughts within the process of creation, the procedures and protocols; a skeletal outline as the basis for a foundation of support.

Focus (noun):  The central point of attention or interest; to concentrate without distraction.

Healing Tools (noun):  The particular objects or items used to facilitate and enhance an energy healing session; may include physical objects as well as abstract items such as breath, skills, thoughts and visions.

Each chapter/topic also has the following sections for consideration and guidance.

  • Topic:  The healing concept defined.
  • Suggested Readings:  Pertinent material to expand your knowledge or provide a background on the topic.
  • Websites:  Useful internet resources.
  • Movies/Videos:  Interesting visual resources.
  • Think About:  A deeper explanation of the healing topic for use in the Gaianic healing session.
  • Try This:  Suggestions on how to incorporate the healing topic and tools into a Gaianic healing session.
  • Activities:  Extra ideas and exercises to try and to deepen your knowledge.


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