shamanic reiki

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A Shaman is an individual who connects to the spirit world in a deep, profound and intimate manner through spiritual intermediaries with the goal of gathering information for healing, insights, knowledge and helpful purposes in service to others, themselves and with a strong emphasis and connections to the Earth, Gaia. Heal yourself, heal the world. Heal the world, heal yourself.

Shamanism is the active practice of directing the positive spiritual energies of the unseen other-world into the physical real-world arena using the skills of a shaman for the purposes of healing, knowledge and understanding. It is predicated on the acceptance that everything, sentient and otherwise, is of the same energy, fully animated, conscious and aware. Shamanism is considered by many to the the oldest universal healing practice on earth, going back 10,000 years.

Reiki is the “universal life force” of All That Is within Gaia.

Shamanic Reiki incorporates the best-practices of the shamanic culture of using spirit guides to help find, direct and tap into the all-powerful Reiki universal life force, and using them together for healing purposes.

Shamanic Reiki suggests we can use our spirit guides to help us take Shamanic Journeys as appropriate to the realms of the unseen other-world to find healing options and solutions, combining it with and using the Reiki universal life force energy.

Shamanic Reiki combines the powers of the Shaman and Reiki practitioners for the higher good, allowing one to create healing form through the process of focused consciousness and thought.

Shamanic Reiki allows us to help heal ourselves, others and Gaia. Heal yourself, heal the world. Heal the world, heal yourself.

Shamanic Reiki is a natural progression of accepted and powerful healing modalities and energies for those energy healers ready to take their skills to the next level.


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