Family Reiki

All services and consultations may be done remotely.

Family comes first, right? How many times do you hear that said? And how many times do you get to actually practice it? Now is one of those times.

The goal of Family Reiki is to attune one person in each extended family to the Reiki Master level. This will change your family’s life. They will become the “family healer”, much like the “village healer” of old, and can attune other family members to the Reiki One level for self-healing purposes.

Reiki is changing the world of health care. It has proven and accepted healing benefits. It supports and compliments all other healing modalities. Reiki can do no harm.

Reiki has astonishing powers to heal, nurture, reduce stress, increase energy, and help facilitate and reduce healing time. You’ll sleep better, feel better and have a truer sense of awareness, balance, focus and confidence.

Reiki is remarkable with “healing emergencies” such as aches, sprains, ear ache, stomach and tooth aches, small cuts, burns and splinters…if Reiki is administered within a few days of an injury, you will really notice the difference through reduced healing time. If administered within a few hours, why, the results are remarkable. Ask me about the fish hook in my finger.

Reiki is a part of many Hospice situations, accepted and welcomed in many hospitals. I have personally done Reiki in the ER and spent several days in the ICU in Chandler, AZ when my father had a heart valve transplant. I was welcomed by all the nurses, doctors and staff, with many of them remarking on how they have personally observed the healing powers of Reiki in the hospital settings.

And now Reiki is available to you.

My personal goal is to educate, coach, teach and attune one person per extended family up to the Reiki Master level. Is that you? Who in your family is best suited for this?

Contact me today using the form available on the site or over the phone at 603-661-8664 for details. You can come to me, or I will travel to you.


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