Healing Gaia:  Shamanism

Topic:   The practice of interacting with an ancestral spirit in an alternative dimension or world with the help of or as a Shaman through an altered state of consciousness in order to help direct the spiritual energies into this world for the purpose of gathering information or healing; an ancient healing tradition and a way of life; universal spiritual wisdom from indigenous tribes throughout the world, rooted in nature.

Intention:  To help bring the healing powers of our ancestral spirits here for the purpose of healing, helping and giving insights.

Framework:  Create a working set of flexible steps or protocols for consistent healing outcomes through specific meditative thoughts, visualizations and intuition.

Focus:  To understand through your intuition what to specifically see and look for based upon the desired outcomes.

Healing Tools:  Akasha, animal spirit guides, breathwork, chanting and toning, creative visualization, crystals, drumming, the elements:  earth-air-fire-water, flowers and plants, Gaia, instincts, meditation, music, nature spirit guides, rattles, Reiki, Shamanic Journeys, sounds, Spirit guides.

Suggested Reading:  The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner, The Shaman’s Mind:  Huna Wisdom to Change Your Life by Jonathan Hammond, Secrets of Shamanism:  Tapping the Spirit Power Within You by Jose Luis Stevens.

Websites:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bU0g8TiDUw&feature=youtu.be  

Movies/Videos:  https://www.youtube.come/watch?v=ZCjJURznqFA 
Take a Shamanic Journey in the Akasha  https:///youtube.com/watch?v+i9R2Y6UMbE0  


Think About

Shamanism has been practiced throughout the world for 100,000 years. It has roots in Siberia, all of Europe, Asia, Central, South and North American indigenous cultures. Remarkably, throughout its history it has many similar practices, protocols and traditions, despite being separated by great distance and oceans. It is an ancient healing tradition, firmly rooted in nature, which makes it ideal for use in Gaianic healing sessions. Everyone alive today can trace their energetic roots back to Shamanism, as it was a tradition, a way of life for all of humanity at one point.

Shamanism includes the practice of a shaman, the practitioner, making contact with ancestral guides, animal spirit guides or nature spirit guides. This usually involves a Shamanic Journey, induced by a trance-state of mind. Once a connection has been established, communication through intention takes place, sometimes sharing information, other times resulting in ancient spirits joining us from their dimensions, the outer worlds, referred to as the upper and lower worlds, to what is called our world, the middle world, for the purposes of healing or sharing important information and insights.

Shamans believe that everything is made up of energy and as such has a spirit made of conscious energy. Spirits are able to communicate with one another, suggesting that a Shaman’s spirit can therefore communicate with any other spirit. This has profound possibilities within the world of healing. It takes the concept of universal Oneness to a whole new level; the ability to communicate with everything and everyone. This is thought to be accomplished in the Akasha.

Intuition plays a pivotal role in the Shamanic realm. Once set on a Shamanic Journey, your instincts, intuition and guides take over. Since the spirits of everything, everyone, include the Shaman can interact, the Shaman lets go of everything because the intention and desired outcomes of the journey have set everything in motion.

The very nature of Shamanism and its use of and connection to nature suggests that when used with intention and focus in a Gaianic healing session, the results will be profound with outstanding outcomes.

Try This

Take a Shamanic Journey and ask to meet your spirit guides and your animal guides, and ask if they have a message for you. This might require several different journeys. Find a qualified Shaman practitioner for this purpose, or become one.

Once you are comfortable with the Shamanic journey, take different ones with specific intentions. These might include meeting past lives to help with your healing knowledge, healing personal traumas from the past that are currently holding you back from reaching your full potential now, or asking for specific healing strategies helpful to Gaia for your Gaianic healing session.

Incorporate the various healing tools into your Shamanic journeys. Your intuition will nudge you as to which ones to use. When in doubt, just pick one, such as a rattle or drum, some flowers or a crystal. Try humming, chanting or toning. Everything you add can do no harm and will enhance the journey, and eventually, your Gaianic healing sessions.

Your intuition is your most powerful healing tool. Trust it and yourself in every Gaianic healing session as you journey.


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