Healing Gaia:  Earthing

Topic:   Earthing is the action of connecting to the physical Earth for the purpose of grounding, feeling the Earth energy and healing; to walk barefoot on the Earth.

Intention:  To understand the concept of Earth’s grounding energy from the perspective of healing and direct it as your intuition suggests.

Framework:  Making use of the concepts of grounding at the right time for best use in using Earthing in a healing session; grounding, connecting and walking.

Focus:  To pay extra attention to your tactile and kinesthetic senses while in the healing session.

Healing Tools:  Walking barefoot, grounding mats, grounding/lightening rods.

Suggested Reading:  Earthing by Clinton Ober

Websites:  https://grounded.com/         and           https://www.earthing.com  and

Movies/Videos:  https://grounded.com/what-is-earthing-video  The Earthing Movie.

Think About

Connecting to the physical planet itself has been a tenet of our existence since we first walked the Earth. As an agrarian-based society we have always had physical contact with the earth itself, perhaps 50-90% of each day. While we may have worn sandals or shoes, they were primarily made of reeds, cloth or animal skins and allowed for the earth’s energy to still conduct its way through. When we changed over to our modern footwear, the soles of which were primarily made of rubber or some other insulating, nonconducting compound, the energy of the earth was prevented from reaching our feet and a noticeable difference in the state of our health and overall well-being started to emerge.

Our modern footwear (and asphalt and insulated homes):  Chronic inflammation made its grand debut worldwide, which is now associated with innumerable health conditions. This increase and uptick are tied directly to the sales and use of insulating footwear. The various health issues and statistics are staggering, and while they may seem coincidental, you can easily and readily test for yourself the changes you feel if you dedicate several hours a day walking barefoot, or finding some other means of grounding yourself, of earthing. You do not need to have noticeable inflammation to feel and sense the difference earthing makes.

The earth’s surface has a negative electrical charge. Making contact with our bare skin creates a desirable and some say necessary equalization, allowing the body to take on extra electrons, to create a neutral electrical charge, resulting in an energetic balance, which in turn allows for and promotes well-being and improved health. Simply put, when we are in a neutral state of being, our body is balanced and able to operate at its peak performance level with regard to our health and well-being. When we are not balanced, our body creates inflammation, thinking it is protecting us.

Using earthing in a Gaianic healing session is simple. There are several options:  Have a physical contact with the bare earth as much a possible either before or during it; if not possible and you are indoors, with a grounding mat. You can also do this with your intention, imagination and creative visualization.

Try This

Arrange each Gaianic healing session with intention and see how much might be done in an outdoor setting in bare feet, or sitting or lying down on the ground or using an earthing mat. The more bare-skin contact the better.


Walk barefoot outside as often as possible, each day, as a focused and intentional activity. This is ideal for walking meditation sessions. Doing this through the morning dew feels especially pleasing.

If possible, purchase grounding mats for locations where they could be put to their maximum and best use, including a grounding sleep mat.

Pick a desirable outdoor setting where you can do your outdoor Gaianic healing sessions. Place a grounding rod several feet into the ground as though you were creating a grounding rod set up for your house. These are available in different lengths in most hardware stores. Make sure a suitable length is above the ground which you can easily touch and hold. You can use this to help ground yourself from feeling over-stressed, and use it in conjunction with a Gaianic healing session. It is ideal for meditation sessions where you wish to communicate with focus and intention on Gaia.


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