Healing Gaia:  Vibration and Frequency

Topic:   Vibration is the measurable association of oscillation and movement around an equilibrium point coupled with the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time, heard as sound and felt by pressure waves. Frequency as Hz is the number of instances of a repeating event per units of time equal to one occurrence of a repeating event per second.

Intention:  To sense, hear, feel and intuit how to incorporate vibration and frequency into a Gaianic healing session.

Framework:  The conceptual arrangement, sequence and order for using vibration and frequency for the highest good and purpose in a Gaianic healing session, often decided upon by intuition.

Focus:  To concentrate without distraction on a particular sound, vibration, pressure wave or healing sensation.

Healing Tools:  Intuition, musical instruments, chimes, singing bowls, tuning forks, humming, chanting and toning.

Suggested Reading:  Frequency:  the Power of Personal Vibration by Penny Pierce, The Intention Experiment:  Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World by Lynne McTaggart, A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine by Richard Berber, MD.

Websites:  https://purelysimpleorganicliving.com/vibrations-frequencies/  and

Movies/Videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQHc-WkT77s  and


Think About

Everything is made up of energy, therefore everything has a vibration since the atoms and molecules are always moving. We sense or feel this as a pressure wave, if we are able to feel it at all. Some vibrations cannot officially be measurably felt, but they can always be sensed or intuited. Thoughts fall into this category; thoughts also have a vibration that can be noticed and sensed. When sound is added we have the extra sensation of hearing the vibrational sound wave, measured and documented as a hertz. We hear, feel and sense sounds.

Balance is a critical aspect associated with vibration and frequency. Just as water seeks its own level, or state of balance and equilibrium, objects, animals, plants, people and the Earth all have a preferred state of equilibrium balance, vibration, frequency or state of peacefulness and harmony.

We know and sense when we are “out of balance”. We feel it, sense it and try to bring our vibration back to our “home frequency”. Our home frequency is the state of optimum health and wellness in which we are happiest, centered and productive. Generally speaking, the higher our frequency, the “lighter” or better we feel.

Understanding the concepts of vibration and frequency allows us to view healing options from a different perspective. When something is out of balance it seeks a return to equilibrium and restored harmony. Our intuition will guide us to where the energy blocks are as well as to which sounds and healing tools are best for bringing everything back to its home frequency. This is especially true when doing a Gaianic healing session. Gaia will communicate to you through your intuition.

You can incorporate vibration and frequency into a Gaianic healing session by simply using anything that produces a vibration. These include but are not limited to your thoughts, singing bowls and tuning forks, musical instruments and your voice.

Intuition plays a key role in a Gaianic healing session due to the very nature of vibration and frequency. Some frequencies cannot be heard by the human ear but can be felt and heard by Gaia. Certain vibrations bring everything into balance. Together, the two work in a synchronous, healing manner. Trust your instincts. Whatever you choose to use or do, remember it is about your intention. Visualize it healing Gaia, and it will.

Try This

Pay attention to the everyday, common sounds around you and feel the vibrations in your body. A thumping bass guitar, the sound of a diesel engine from a truck as it downshifts, a high-pitched cry or shriek from an upset child, or a child’s joyous laughter. Some may be pleasant, others not so much. You are sensing and responding to the frequencies associated with the sounds. The more you pay attention to the various sounds around you, the more in tune you will become to their vibration and frequency.


We can raise our vibration by focusing our intention and our conscious thoughts through mindfulness.

Become aware of, recognize and notice your “home frequency”. Your home frequency is your state of contentment, happiness, bliss and times when you feel the least amount of fear, anxiety, trepidation, insecurity or emotions which all have a vibration. Learn to recognize this for what it is. When you are in a neutral zone of emotions and can easily identify it, it is easy to know when you step away form it, either to a state of fear or concern, doubt and uncertainty, or towards excessive excitement, happiness, sureness and confidence. This allows you to be able to better hear and listen to your instincts and intuition.  Your home frequency includes both mental and physical sensations. Places where your home frequency is at its best include by are not limited to:  deep meditative state, during a massage or Reiki session, a walk in a peaceful forest, along a river or by the ocean, sitting around a warm campfire, relaxing in a hot tub or pool. In any of these places notice your state of being, awareness, heart rate and thoughts. If appropriate, create a visual image or audible sound to help bring you back to this essential vibration and frequency whenever you wish.

Once you know what your home frequency is, try to create this frequency for your Gaianic healing sessions. Plus, you can use it to coach and guide you towards the decisions, choices, directions and steps you take and make on your true path in times of stress. Choices and decisions are asked of us many times in the course of every day, hour and minute. Every choice and decision changes your vibration and frequency. How does a choice one way or another feel compared to your home frequency? Even if you want to do something, if it pushes you toward nervousness, fear, or creates a jittery sensation, what do you think that means? If you are at first reluctant to do something, but the feelings are safe, non-threatening and create no nervousness, what does that tell you? Often, our ego is the first thing we hear, but being in tune with your home frequency is a good thing, as it allows you to step away from your emotions and simply listen and hear what your higher self is trying to communicate with you. Remove yourself from the equation, and instead of asking, “Do I want to do this?” Ask yourself, “If this happens, it is a good thing for all involved? What kind of outcomes, consequences or benefits might be had for all concerned? Does this support my soul’s journey?” Do your best to remove self and ego. Tuning in to your home frequency will allow you better insights.

Oxygen raises our vibration. Let’s explore this with a fun and simple activity you can perform anywhere. The goal is to bring as much oxygen as possible to every cell in your body. This is a great activity to do in times of stress, prior to an important meeting, and of course, before a Reiki or Gaianic healing session.

  1. Sit quietly and allow your body to relax completely. Breathe in slowly and steadily, creating a breathing loop with virtually no beginning or end point, seamlessly and silently with no discernible pause between the exhale and inhale. Relax your mind completely. Visualize oxygen as  super-food for your body and that you are about to become supercharged with extra energy.
  2. Once you are in an easy, simple, low-key deep breathing rhythm take a deep breath, as deep as you can, trying to fill every cell, and inhale even deeper. Fill every nook and cranny, expanding your rib cage to its utmost capacity, and even more!
  3. Exhale slowly, pushing on your diaphragm until every last bit of oxygen is out.
  4. Repeat this for twenty breaths, using numbers to keep track. One…inhale, two…exhale, three…inhale, four…exhale, etc.
  5. When finished, relax and take a few minutes to breathe in your normal rhythm.



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