Healing Gaia:  Tuning Forks

Topic:   An acoustic resonator consisting of two prongs, or tines in the form of an elongated U shape. When activated by striking it, it resonates or produces several tones, a fundamental and harmonic, at a specific pitch.

Intention:  To use the tones, sounds and vibrations to create healing outcomes.

Framework:  The intuitive placement, sequence, duration and choice of tuning forks is directly tied to the success of healing session.

Focus:  Each sound, tone and vibration has meaning and healing potential. Listen carefully with your intuition.

Healing Tools:  Chakras, Fifth interval forks, mallets, meridians, Ohm forks, pressure points, Solfeggio scale forks, Schuman Resonance Forks, weighted and non-weighted forks.

Suggested Reading:  Human Tuning by John Beaulieu

Websites:  http://www.tuningforktherapy.com/about.html  and
https://science.howstuffworks.com/tuning-fork3.htm  and
htttps://colourofsound.org/science-of-sound-healing/  and

Movies/Videos:  https//www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVUCf8mB1Wg  


Think About

Tuning forks have the ability to vibrationally connect and resonate with everything, people, planets and the Earth. This is because everything is made up of energy, and as such, has a frequency and is vibrating. Science and sound healing have evolved. We know the specific frequencies for people, our brains, organs and even the planets. We can match the correct tuning fork to match any of these frequencies setting the stage for incredible healing outcomes. They balance us energetically, reduce inflammation, create an overwhelming sense of inner peace and deep relaxation and are especially ideally suited to chakra energy work.

Tuning forks come in a wide variety of sizes and frequencies. They are available weighted and non-weighted. They are made of various metals, primarily alloys of steel or aluminum. The non-weighted forks can be played near the ears and anywhere on the body, sending healing waves of energy over disrupted areas. The weighted tuning forks are often placed on the body or object and send a physical vibration into it to release tension and bring about balance.

The tuning forks vibrations resonate particularly well with our chakras and meridians, especially when placed on or near the pressure points associated with acupuncture and shiatsu. When we are distressed, out of balance or physically ill, the chakras are the portal for healing, allowing for energy to come in and run along the meridians. The sounds and vibrations from the tuning forks allow for healing energy to realign the chakras and bring us back to a place and state of balance.

Since the Earth has a specific frequency, tuning forks are ideal for Gaianic healing sessions. Try them on the Earth herself, especially on large, embedded crystal formations or other rocks.

The vibrations from the tuning forks have the power to interact with and influence the frequencies they are directed toward that are out of balance, which we feel as a type of relaxation, rejuvenation and healing. This is done energetically via sound waves within the various frequencies. The science supports this and is there to study and read, but all you need for proof is to experience a tuning fork healing session.

Using tuning forks during a Gaianic healing session feels incredibly satisfying. Look for ways to bring these into your sessions. It’s all about your intention. The vibrations will do the rest.

Try This

Experience a tuning forks healing session with both weighted and non-weighted forks. It is incredible.


Place a weighted tuning fork on your K1 meridian point on the bottom of your feet, your pubic bone, breastbone, Third Eye and crown. Feel the essence of the healing vibrations as they course through you.

Explore the healing power of the harmonic fifth, a C256 Hzin one ear and a G 384 Hz in your other ear.

Combine tuning forks with other healing modalities such as Shiatsu, Polarity, massage, Craniosacral, Trigger Point and Reiki.

Include tuning forks during a Gaianic healing season, especially if you are able to do this outdoors. If outdoors strike them on the bare ground or a large rock. If indoors, you can set the weighted tuning forks on the floor, and strike the non-weighted against a striker. The vibrations will find their way.



















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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