Healing Gaia:  Chanting and Toning

Topic:  Chanting and toning are the conscious creation of sounds using words or specific notes for the purpose of healing, communication or pleasure.

Intention:  To hear with clarity and precision, to master the techniques of healing sound within the realm of chanting and toning to enhance the Gaianic healing session.

Framework:  To see how and when to incorporate sounds from the voice, to understand the form and structure associated with sound.

Focus:  To be able to listen and follow the vibration and frequency of sounds for healing purposes.

Healing Tools:  The pitch, key, words, phrases and sounds from our voice have healing properties. Understanding the range, qualities and nuances becomes part of the healing tool set learned through practice.

Suggested Reading:  The Healing Voice by Joy Gardner-Gordon, The Healing Power of the Human Voice by James D’Angelo, The Roar of Silence:  The Healing Powers of Breath, Tone and Music by Don Campbell.

Websites:  Google Chanting and Toning. Try this one
https://chopra.com/articles/how-to-use-sound-to-heal-yourself  or  https://www.optimumhealthusa.com/blog/2012/12/vocal-toning-healing-through-sound-vibrations/  

Movies/Videos:  Google Chanting and Toning movies and videos. Explore these for interesting sounds.

Think About

Chanting and Toning is easy. Anyone can do it, no musical talent required. Let’s tone OM together. Ready?

Ooooohhhhhmmmm. Excellent.

Chanting and toning have been around since the first sounds of speech, probably even before we actually used words. Chanting uses words; toning focuses on specific sounds.

Chanting often uses combinations of words and might include voice inflection, melody, different pitches and keys. It might include what appears to be a song or repetitious phrase.

Toning often focuses on a short or a long vowel and can be held and drawn out for effectiveness. Think aye, oo, uhh, ahh and ooohhhmmm. Humming is a form of toning and is very easy to do. Some people refer to humming as toning with the mouth closed. Pick a sound and express it with your mouth open and closed. Does one feel better or more effective than the other?

Chanting and toning are used in energy healing practices. Sound is particularly effective at opening up blocked areas of energy, moving it and allowing the chakras to open up.

Each chakra has a musical key and sound. These sounds are used in energy healing. When we know the physical issue and associated chakra, we can use chanting and toning for directed, focused healing purposes.

The chakras, musical keys, tone sound and chants are as follows:

  • Root, key of C, the tone is Oh, as in the vowel O; the chant is “I live”.
  • Sacral, key of D, the tone sound is Ooo, like you without the Y; the chant is “I feel”.
  • Solar Plexus, key of E, the tone sound is Ahh; the chant is “I will”.
  • Heart, key of F, the tone sound Aye, like eye; the chant is “I love”.
  • Throat, key of G, the tone sound is Eee; the chant is “I speak”.
  • Third eye/Brow, key of A, the tone sound is OM, ooohhhmmm; the chant is “I see”.
  • Crown, key of B, the tone sound is considered silent, but often the Eee sound is used; the chant is “I am”.

Healing energy follows thought and the spoken word, connected to the vibration that is generated. Chanting and toning with intention and focus raises the spoken word vibration and allows for more healing energy to be directed to a specific area, issue or location. This is very effective in opening up or moving blocked energy. Focus on and name the specific aspect, issue or location in Gaia and with intention, direct the sounds from your chanting and toning there.

Which sounds, chants or tones to choose? Your intuition will guide you. Ask your higher self which is best, especially if you work with and open up the Sei Hei Ki channel using Reiki. Try different chants and tones and you will sense a vibrational connection; one will resonate or feel better, your voice stronger and breathing easier. Think about where you are sending the healing energy and the associated chakras and choose based on the connection you feel. All of our issues, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual resonate with and are connected to a chakra.

All sounds will work, all sounds facilitate and help heal.

Try This

Choose a tone or a sound you are comfortable with and use it in your next Gaianic healing session. Find a place and time in the session when your intuition suggests adding it in. You can add a tone, sound or a chant at any point during a session. Humming sounds work great also.


Everyone has a preferred or a favorite pitch, or key to sing in, even if we don’t like to sing or are not trained as a singer. Find yours by toning up and down the musical scale, but instead of using Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La and Ti, switch over to the chakra scale of “Oh, Ooo, Ahh, Aye, Eee, Om, Eee”. Sustain each tone, or note and see how it feels. Use some voice inflection, vibrato, melodic overtones, humming and sustained notes. Play with it! How does your breath respond? Have some fun with this and find the sounds, notes and musical key that resonates best with you.

Repeat this exercise using the associated chants with the chakras: “I Live, I Feel, I Will, I Love, I Speak, I See, I Am”. As in the previous exercise, play with the sounds, duration, melodic overtones, inflection, pitch and vibrato. Feel the vibration change as your voice flexes. Find the sounds, notes and musical keys that resonate best with you.

You are now ready to use chanting and toning as your intuition suggests. Create your own tones, chants and sounds. Add humming into the mix. All will work and help heal.


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