Steve is a Reiki Master Teacher and has been studying energy healing since 1979 through the lens of optimism and mindfulness and welcomes new clients to join him on every level, from personal, customized healing sessions to taking classes with the goal of becoming their family Reiki Master. He is a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher and specializes in the ancient healing tradition of cord cutting, which identifies and removes powerful negative energetic blocks. Steve is a certified Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist with a focus on healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through compassion and love. Business owners can include his Sales Training expertise, schedule a Motivational Talk for your staff, or get involved in this unique brand of Spiritual and Executive Coaching focusing on Positive Mindfulness. Call him for a deeper discussion on how this can change your life.

Reach Your Full Potential

Are you ready to reach your full potential and become who you have agreed to be? We recommend starting with an Akashic Records reading to see the big picture, issues, goals and agreements you have made. A Shamanic Journey with cord cutting is often called for to address multi-life issues holding you back. Hypnotherapy is often next to address some of the specifics brought forth by the Akasha and the Shamanic Journey in this life. These all open the door to deeper healing by Reiki and Crystals to begin the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healings; the mind, body and spirit connection.

Akashic Records Readings
This allows you to see you life from the perspective of your soul. This often reveals information that helps put everything in order, explaining things that have seemed unrelated. My sessions are open-ended with no time limit; ask as many questions as you wish. The sessions have ranged from 2 to 3 hours. We stay in the Akasha until the guides sense we have enough information. Via phone or in person.
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These zero in and focus on specific issues that have overwhelmed a person without them really sensing how all-encompassing they have become, issues often revealed through an Akashic Records consultation.

The goal and intention is to identify what is getting in your way, naming the negative emotions and extinguishing them, and replacing them with energetic healing light, along with new conclusions about yourself based on positivism. These sessions are open-ended and not timed, but have been averaging 60-90+ minutes. Via Zoom or in-person.
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Shamanic Journeys/Cord Cutting
We go deep into the energetic realms to meet guides and spirit animals that help to bring us to a place of awareness, acceptance, appreciation and gratitude. This open the doors to experience emotional releases and healing via a powerful ancient shamanic technique called cord cutting. These sessions include some Reiki and are open-ended and not timed, but average 90+ minutes. In-person only.
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I offer customized Reiki sessions based on the client’s needs and issues. Open-ended and not timed, but average 90+ minutes.
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Crystal Healing
I offer customized crystal healing based on the client’s needs and issues. You choose from 120 different crystal for a combo Reiki-crystal session. Open-ended and not timed, but average 60-90+ minutes. Includes Sound Healing with the giant crystal bowls. In person only.
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Sound Healing
I offer customized giant crystal bowl sound-meditation sessions that may include tuning forks. These average 60-90+ minutes while holding crystals for specific healing in your hands. In person only.
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Reiki and Shamanic Reiki Classes – All Levels
I offer small, intimate customized classes, minimum of four and limit of eight students per class; often families or groups of close friends. Reiki I and II are 2 days; Reiki Master is 3 days. Certificates suitable for framing included. In person only.
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Spiritual Coaching
I offer customized coaching sessions based on individual needs. No one turned away.
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3Panel Guide
The 3Panel Guide is a personalized vision board for daily use connecting your past, present and future to your intuition. It minimizes your distractions and identifies your strengths which helps you to focus on your goals with confidence and clarity. This allows your intuition and instincts to stay focused on the important issues in your life, accomplishing more goals, achieving your dreams and living life through the lens of optimism and positive thinking. Your 3Panel Guide is customized, edited and evolves as you grow. The outcomes and results are outstanding. We are what we think, no exceptions.

The 3Panel Guide can be used as a stand alone practice but is most effective when used in conjunction with and as a follow up tool with our other other energy healing services. It reminds you of your intentions and reinforces the energetic changes on which you are focused.
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Unemployed or a veteran? Ask about discounted services.


Call Steve for a discussion at 603-661-8664 and see if you are a match with what he has to offer. Steve has both hourly and daily rates, with discounts for non-profits.


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