Art as Meditation

Art as Meditation is not new, though there is a trend in Adult Coloring Books, Zentangle®, mandalas, etc. that has brought this to our awareness. Any time you focus your mind on doing one thing your mind can relax, when you are mindful of what you are doing, and only that thing, it is a form of meditation. 

The practice of Zentangle® has raised my awareness that when ever I do Art my mind focuses and I have been doing that naturally all my life. Meditation is not easy for many people because we are inundated with information and stimulation overload. Art as Meditation is a simple and fun entry point for practicing meditation. 

All my classes have a meditative component. I find drawing/seeing and the practice of Zentangle® to be a perfect way to begin. If “sitting” in meditation is difficult for you, try doing Art with me, once you learn the practice you can take it as far as you want.

Enter the Trillium Colorwork website through the link below and find out a little more about me and ART is a PART of Your HeART.

Linda Johnston Reinhart


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