Healing Gaia:  3Panel Guide

Topic:   A personalized system used for connecting your past, present and future to your intuition.

Intention:  To reach your personal peak performance levels in a Gaianic healing session.

Framework:  The system of protocols and procedures you create to allow you to optimize your healing gifts and intuitions.

Focus:  The particular aspect of healing your intuition, guides you toward the associated healing outcome.

Healing Tools:  Intuition, altar, crystals, memories, experiences, list of positive attributes, healing goals and desired outcomes.

Suggested Reading:  The Vision Board Book by Gini Graham Scott, PhD., The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz.

Websites:  https://ceoof.me/how-tocreate-a-dream-vision-or-focus-board-for-life/ and https://www.pinterest.com/keiland30/focus-boards/

Movies/Videos:  https://www.youtube.come/watch?v=IVkxoHou-BU 
and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FipEE992U1g


Think About

The 3Panel Guide is a customized, personalized system connecting your past, present and future to your intuition. It minimizes your distractions and identifies your strengths which helps you to focus on the important issues in your life, accomplishing more goals, achieving your dreams and living life to your fullest potential while experiencing every day at your peak performance level through the lens of optimism and positive thinking.

Your 3Panel Guide can be repurposed for a Gaianic healing session. Intention is the cornerstone for a productive Gaianic healing treatment. Thought and consciousness, mindfulness and focus are the building blocks. Being able to stay on track with our intention is critical. This is where a 3Panel Guide helps. A customized 3Panel Guide helps to name and minimize our distractions allowing us to focus; identify and maximize our strengths which boost our confidence; and clearly lists the goals for a healing treatment.

The 3Panel Guide consists of three customized panels or collection of objects depicting your
(1) personal memories, (2) positive traits and (3) goals. They can be pieces or paper, large poster board, walls of your office cubicle, a framed collage, a stack or collection of representative objects, a combination of all of these or as simple as an outline document. These can be changed, altered, added to and edited at any time, often, growing and changing as you do. Your 3Panels can be large and a permanent part of a wall, or small and portable.

The 3Panel Guide can be created for one’s everyday use, but can also be customized for energy healing sessions and treatments. For use with a Gaianic healing session, you simply adjust the three panels as appropriate to account for use as a healer. Panel Three will get the most attention, with some edits to Panel One and Two. All three panels are consider a “living document” and as such are under constant review and change. The 3Panel Guide changes and grows as you do.

Try This

Google and research different types of focus or vision boards to get an idea of how open-ended a concept they are, and then think about the goals you might have for a Gaianic healing session. The naming of the goals for the healing session can be as broad or singular as you wish.


Make a draft-prototype 3Panel Guide on three pieces of paper with the intention of using it in a Gaianic healing session.

Panel 1:  Your personal memories, these date back to your earliest recollections, both happy, sad and
in-between. Ideally, the ones that bring up strong emotions.

Panel 2:  Your positive traits and attributes, the ones you know you have and the ones told to you by your friends and family. Add to this list every time you receive a compliment.

Panel 3:  Your goals for any given healing session, customized to be useful.

Once you have created your first 3Panel Guide, start each Gaianic healing session by using it in the following manner.

  • Look at the list of your personal memories on Panel 1, the good, the sad, the happy and the ones that bring up strong emotions. Allow the emotions to really percolate inside you without judgement. The idea is to really feel emotional with no judgement, resistance or fear.
  • At the height of your emotions, look at Panel 2 listing all your great attributes and accomplishments and watch how your emotions all morph into positivism and create a sense of optimistic, energetic power in you.
  • Next, look at your healing goals listed on Panel 3 and know that you can accomplish these, that you are a true energy healer with gifts, the right experiences, and now, focused attention. Trust your instincts and intuition and dive into the Gaianic healing session with confidence.

This activates your energy center and helps you with your intuition, framework, focus and choice of healing tools. Create the habit of using your personalized 3Panel Guide prior to every Gaianic healing session. Add to each of the three panels as you do the Gaianic healing sessions, especially Panel 2. Change the healing goals on Panel 3 as your intuition suggests. Get a feel and an energetic sense of the power of a personal 3Panel Guide.


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