Optimism Plus Blog

The nature of frequency and vibration, intuition and instincts.

The universe was created by and is made up of energy. All energy has a vibration and a frequency. Energy is in everything, our inner selves, our thoughts, our physical bodies and every single substance, everywhere and as such, so are its associated vibrations and frequencies. We follow and use vibration and frequencies to heal during a reiki treatment.

What to do, where to go and for how long in each session is communicated to us through our intuition and instincts as thoughts, and felt by us physically through subtle pulses, movements and urges in various parts of our bodies.

Positive energy has a higher vibration and negative energy has a lower vibration. Therefore, positive thoughts draw positive directives, ideas and outcomes to us just as negative thoughts draw negative directives, ideas and outcomes to us. From all thought and consciousness comes the event, the outcome, the form and the results. We are drawn towards the different levels of energy and vibrations based upon our thoughts and create our reality accordingly. Think good thoughts and outcomes, good things happen.

We all have unlimited creative potential in every aspect of our lives. This is often referred to as creative visualization. We can therefore use this incredible power of creative visualization and thought in our healing reiki treatments through our positive focused intention, simply by listening and paying attention with all our senses. This is available to everyone, but reiki provides us a format, a guided sequence and way to measure and work with it. Therefore, listen to your intuition, trust your instincts, and pay attention to what your body is telling you in each moment of every reiki session.