Who is this guy and why is he so good at what he does?

Are you ready? Optimism works! Empower yourself. Steve Reinhart is the Reiki Master Teacher, professional sales trainer, motivational speaker, relationship builder, executive and corporate coach you have been thinking about for your company retreats and meetings; highly sought-after skills all rolled into one. Steve has been involved in sales since he was in elementary school, starting his first company at age 14. He has 35 years’ experience at the professional corporate level and has been a National Sales Trainer, National Sales Manager, Director of Marketing, Vice President, Regional Manager, workshop presenter, traveling corporate sales rep and company cheerleader/motivator and coach. He writes songs about what he does and the companies he works for. Steve has traveled extensively in SE Asia from ’77- ‘81 and served in the US Peace Corps in the Philippines, giving him outstanding cross-cultural awareness and sensitivities. His studies and work with energy healing began in 1979.

He brings his own unique brand of Reiki healing energy, optimism, confidence, sales training, coaching expertise and New Age marketing insights to organizations, businesses and individuals through the powers of positivism and creative visualization, helping everyone to evolve, grow and prosper.

Corporate Seminars, Retreats, Professional Development Days and Sales Training? Take these up a notch. Bring Steve to the most important times and meetings of the year for your organization, company and business. He has something to share with everyone.

In his own words

My own personal adventures and life-changing experiences combined with my years of relationship-centric selling and sales training makes me uniquely qualified to identify what works for the people I train, and more importantly, what gets in their way. Reiki energy healing is a piece of the mind, body, spirit puzzle, to be used as appropriate in times of stress. I have developed a set of personalized materials which are customized for each individual, to be used on a daily or weekly basis as a follow-up system to keep them focused, confident and on-track with their goals. This motivates and inspires everyone to perform at their peak performance level on a daily basis. I have learned that no issue is to complex, no problem is unsolvable, no dream unreachable. My goal is to help everyone realize and attain new levels of personal awareness, to reach their full potential, enabling them to work at their optimum without distractions, thus achieving their goals and visions. I help people discover what gets in their way, identify their strengths and ignite their passions; this is how dreams come true and goals are exceeded.


Sales Training, Relationship-Building, Seminars for Self-Empowerment, Reiki Energy Healing, Daily Self-Motivation, Team Building, Intuition and Instincts, Presentations, Workshops, Trade Shows, Negotiating and Closing Deals, Product Training, Complex Problem Solving and Executive Coaching.


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Steve Reinhart:

Reiki Master Teacher, Motivational Speaker and Professional Sales Trainer, bringing optimism, confidence, sales training, coaching expertise and new age marketing insights to organizations, businesses and individuals through the powers of positivism and creative visualization.