Healing Gaia:  Emotion Code

Topic:  A gentle, non-invasive energetic approach to work with the subconscious mind to understand emotions that are tucked away, releasing the negative ones that we no longer need that are inhibiting personal growth, happiness and well being.

Intention:  To use the Emotion Code’s best practices to heal Gaia.

Framework:  To understand the steps, procedures, questions and protocols to enhance a Gaianic healing session.

Focus:  To intuit and use the questions and procedures to produce the best results in a Gaianic healing session.

Healing Tools:  chakras, colors, creative visualization, Emotion Code Chart, energetic blockages, feelings, heart wall, intuition, kinesiology, magnets, meditation, meridians, muscle testing, questions, subconscious mind, trapped emotions, vibration and frequency

Suggested ReadingsThe Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Websites:   https://discoverhealing.com/the-emotion-code/  and 
https://gettinganswers.com/what-is-the-emotion-code-chart/  and 

Movies/Videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN9aqrHZWdU  and 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY99epD0TJY  and 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqXQJXEf0O8  and 


Think About

We have approximately 80,000 thoughts a day, every one of which is vying for our attention, asking to be acknowledged, addressed and dealt with. They trigger emotions that range from happy, sad, joyful and terrifying and run the gamut of our time frame alive, from birth to this very moment. That suggests many emotions are old and buried deep inside us, painful to recall, and so we keep them out of sight, out of mind. Ever notice how a happy memory enhances whatever you are doing, and makes the day better? And how a negative or bad emotion or memory can freeze you in your tracks, and suddenly spoil the moment? Feelings of optimism and depression are directly tied to our positive and negative emotions and memories. The Emotion Code addresses this.

Everything is made up of energy, including our emotions, complete with a vibration and a frequency. These are connected to our energy system of chakras and meridians. We react to the vibrations associated with our emotions, thoughts and memories. Our life unfolds accordingly. Think good thoughts, good things tend to happen. Think negatively and chaos seems to be a part of our daily life. Our energy and vitality react and respond to this, giving us confidence or mired in negativity and bouts of depression. Its all about our energy.

The Emotion Code is a system for identifying and releasing trapped negative emotions that no longer serve a useful or higher purpose. Releasing negative memories and emotions allows us to live life at our full potential, to be who it is we have agreed to be.

We can take the best-practices of The Emotion Code and fold them into a Gaianic healing session, treating and thinking of Gaia as a fully aware and sentient being. We can do this because we, you, me and Gaia, are all made up of the same energy, complete with vibrations and frequency. It is simply a matter of creative visualization, focus and intention.

Try This

Use your intuition and the system of questions and protocols, muscle testing on yourself while using the Emotion Code chart in a Gaianic healing session.


Look at the core issues facing the health of Gaia and create some questions you would ask her if she were sitting in front of you. Use the Emotion Code Chart as a reference and see if you can help to identify and release any trapped emotions Gaia might have. Get creative.

Imagine you are Gaia or ask a friend to do so. Ask the type of questions you would use in an Emotion Code session along with the steps and procedures and release whatever needs to be let go and released. Do this with intention, focus and a dedicated framework.



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