Healing Gaia:  Vortex

Topic:   A spinning, whirling mass of energy that has the power to move the universal life force energy downward or upward, often associated with a location on the earth or a place on the body of a person or animal.

Intention:  To use the power of the vortex to bring in or remove energy for healing purposes.

Framework:  To understand the nature of positive and negative energy as it is associated to a vortex and bring it in or own for healing purposes.

Focus:  To sense and feel healing energy as it moves, ebbs and flows clockwise/counterclockwise in order to direct it in a Gaianic healing session.

Healing Tools:  Chakras, chanting and toning, chi/Qi, creative visualization, crystals, drums, meditation, pendulums, Reiki symbols, Shamanic journeys, vortex and ley line intersecting locations.

Suggested Reading:  Sedona’s Best Vortex Guidebook by Jamie Butler, Vortex Energy:  Creating a Doorway for Transformation an Evolution by Spider.

Websites:  https://www.vortexhunters.come/vortexmap_usa.html  and
https://www.chakras.info/  and  https://www.delamora.life/the-chakras  and

Movies/Videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v-U-lcl4xXcnc  

Think About

Energy vortexes are everywhere. We intuit, feel and sense them. The energy they bring can make our skin tingle or “crawl”. They can send shivers throughout our bodies and put goosebumps on our arms. They can make us sweat, run, feel frightened, faint and collapse, have super-human strength, feel deep inner peace or laugh uncontrollably. The energy from them can be felt in our gut, as an intuitive thought, between our shoulder blades, up our necks and on our scalp and even be heard as a voice. The ones we feel on a daily basis are associated with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. We bring in or release energy constantly based on our issues; we move positive or negative energy in and out through our system of chakras and meridians in a clockwise/counterclockwise manner, a vortex.

The vortexes of energy are all around us, responding to our thoughts, deeds and actions. Energy always follows the spoken word and our thoughts. The spirits of the vortexes are essentially communicating with us, bringing in positive and negative energy based on our thoughts. They protect us, warn us of danger, and reward us with good health and a strong immune system; they also can compromise our well-being and keep disease locked deep inside us and paralyze us with fear. When we are healthy and balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually the vortexes/chakras are free to flow unobstructed, balanced and bringing us what we need with regard to the Universal Life Force Energy. When we are not healthy the flow of the vortex or chakra reflects this.

Once the Life Force Energy is inside us, it is often described or referred to as our personal chi, or Qi. This is to help us to differentiate it from the Universal Life Force Energy which is clean and pure prior to entering our physical bodies. Based on our issues, once the energy enters our bodies it adopts the positive or negative attributes associated with our thoughts. We are what we think, and the energy responds to our every thought as a set of commands or instructions. The energy starts out as neutral in our auras, sometimes referred to as the astral matrix and takes on the positivity or negativity attributes based on our thoughts generated by our issues and how we handle them.

Positive energy vortexes travel and spin upwards in a clockwise motion and are thought to enhance spiritual enlightenment and awakening, give us insights, enhance delta brain wave activity and promote creativity.

Negative energy vortexes spin counterclockwise and are associated with dis-ease, depression, health issues, chaos and confusion with out thoughts and decisions.

Pendulums and other forms of dowsing are used to determine the directional spin of the energy vortexes or chakras in and around our bodies.

Just as we have energy vortexes bringing energy to us, so too does the Earth, Gaia. Instead of the seven main chakras and twelve meridians in our bodies, there are energy vortexes on earth at the intersections of the the ley lines. Some of these are more pronounced and powerful and can be felt by us when we are near or on them.

Here is a brief list of well known vortex locations around the world:  Bermuda Triangle, Easter Island in Chile, Glastonbury in England, Machu Pichu in Peru, Mayan and Incan ruins in Mexico, Central and South America,  Mount Shasta in California, Sedona in Arizona and Stonehenge in England.

Here is a more complete list for the US. There are over 85 locations listed here, with others yet to be discovered:  https://www.vortexhunters.com/vortexmap_usa.html  

These are the ideal locations to be for delivering a Gaianic healing session. There are often mass gatherings at these places for healing sessions through deep meditation. If you cannot physically be at one, knowing where they are is sufficient as you can project your thoughts there and include them in your healing intentions.

Try This

Read the list of vortex locations and send some healing energy to one during a Gaianic healing session. Focus on ones you may have already visited whether you knew it was a vortex location or not, or to one that calls out to you.


Study and read some information about vortexes. The more you know the easier it is to connect with one. The list of vortexes around the world is extensive and many people find they were at or near one in their travels over the years. If that is the case with you, focus on those as a starting point.

It is thought that a vortex exists at the intersections of every ley line. Study the maps of ley lines and know that we are all close to an intersection; some are just more powerful and easier to feel than others. https://www.pinterest.come/tncorgi/ley-lines/

If you have a yard or land, place a copper grounding rod in the ground and do a Gaianic healing session while holding it. Send your healing energy to a specific vortex location. This can be very powerful.



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