Music & Sound

Topic:  The vibrations and frequencies, tones, notes, rhythms, harmonies, melodies and sounds of music as enhanced healing modalities.

Intention:  To intuitively recognize and know which music and sounds to bring into a Gaianic healing session.

Framework:  Select the correct arrangement of music and sounds for maximum healing potential.

Focus:  To listen, hear and know the sounds and the music as it heals, and to let each note reach its full potential.

Healing Tools:  Sounds, musical notes, instruments, chants, tones, frequencies, vibrations, rhythm, harmony, melody and 432 Hertz (Hz)

Suggested ReadingsThe Healing Forces of Music: History, Theory and Practice by Randall McClellan, Music Medicine:  The Science and Spirit of Healing Yourself with Sound by Christine Stevens, The Healing Musician: A Guide to Playing Healing Music at the Bedside by Stella Benson.

Websites:  Google 432 Hz healing music for countless options; Spotify, choose playlist Reiki Reiki.

Movies/Videos:  and


Think About

Music, sounds, chants, tone, drums, flutes, pianos, chimes and harps, the list is endless when it comes to the variety of instruments and the soothing and healing sounds of music. All sounds and music have a range, beat, rhythm, a musical key, a vibration and a frequency. Some sounds motivate us and we find ourselves impulsively rocking, swaying, moving and dancing, while others lull us into a state of bliss, meditation and even sleep.

Some sounds heal us. This is what we are looking and listening for. We know it when we hear it. It simply feels good. It resonates with our own internal frequency.

Music 432 Hz – The human body’s frequency is 432 Hz. Most recorded music is at 440 Hz, making for a subtle disconnect with our vibration if played during an energy healing session. It is often distracting. Music at 432 Hz resonates with our vibration and opens us up to the healing energies and frequency and sounds. This music soothes and relaxes us.

Bringing healing music into a Gaianic healing session is a powerful add-on. The music soothes and relaxes us and the vibrations and frequencies resonate with the energy of the Earth, and helps to take our healing intentions deeper.

Try This

Each time you listen to music visualize how it might affect or influence a Gaianic healing session. Would it distract you or enhance it with its rhythm, melodies and harmonies? If possible, for the music you sense would be helpful, find a way to incorporate it into the healing session.


Certain sounds, tones, chants, instruments and rhythmic beats can have a profound effect on us, especially drumming as it touches our theta brain waves. Experiment with different musical instruments and their sounds to discover which ones might add to and enhance a Gaianic healing session. You will know the correct sounds when you hear them.

Using an Internet-based streaming music service like Apple Music, Amazon or Spotify, find a soothing, healing song that has been recorded in the traditional 440Hz and the alternative 432Hz. Listen to both and note the difference. Which do you prefer?

Create an extensive streaming playlist of soothing, healing music for your Gaianic healing sessions. If you prefer 432Hz music, choose those versions. Key words for the music search engines include healing music, New Age music, yoga music.


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