Healing Gaia:  Shiatsu

Topic:  A form of Japanese body work which uses elbows, feet, fingers, knees, thumb, palm and pressure for healing purposes through stretching, joint manipulation and palpitation.

Intention:  To use shiatsu techniques to help heal Gaia.

Framework:  To understand how to incorporate shiatsu steps, procedures and protocols in a Gaianic healing session.

Focus:  On the specific desired outcomes and goals in a Gaianic healing session using shiatsu as a healing tool.

Healing Tools:  Acupressure points knowledge, chakras, creative visualization, ley lines, meridians, shiatsu, vortexes.

Suggested Reading:  The Book of Shiatsu:  A Complete Guide to Using Hand Pressure and Gentle Manipulation to Improve Your Health, Vitality and Stamina by Paul Lundburg.

Websites:   https://www.takingcharge. csh.umn.edu/explore-healing-practices/shiatsu 

Movies/Videos:  https://youtube.com/watch?v=N6XbaklPqFs  and

Think About

Shiatsu evolved from a Japanese massage healing technique called anma in the 1300s. The first formal shiatsu school was started in Japan in 1940. Shiatsu was originally the healing practice of the blind. Sighted people rarely were practitioners. It is suggested that this helped it transform into a powerful healing technique since it was so intimately connected to touch, thought and intuition. Healing energy responds to and follows the spoken word, intentions and our thoughts, whether we are healing a person, animal, plant or Gaia. With a person/animal, it enters our field of energy via our aura though our seven main chakras, twelve meridians and over four hundred acupuncture, or shiatsu pressure points. As the pressure points are stimulated by touch, they react and respond to the healing intentions.

Gaia’s pressure points can be thought of as her intersection of global ley lines and prominent vortexes, the ley lines as her meridians and her chakras running from and through the North and South poles. Knowledge of pressure points and shiatsu allows you to enhance a Gaianic healing session by directing the energy while visualizing Gaia as a living, sentient entity. You know exactly where to send the energy. It’s all about your intention.

Try This

Visualize Gaia as a person, an individual with feelings, thoughts and emotions. Look at the current levels of destruction taking place globally. Where do you sense or intuit a shiatsu healing session would do the most good for her? Use your powers of creative visualization, knowledge of shiatsu and do a Gaianic healing session. Find her pain, feel her gratitude. Heal the world, heal yourself.


Learn about chakras, meridians and how they correspond and relate to pressure points. Add this information to your healing knowledge. Think about how you might include this new information into healing sessions. Get creative. It’s all about your intention.

Find some shaitsu pressure points on your own body and as you massage and manipulate them imagine you are really doing this on Gaia. Associate a location on Gaia consistently with a place on your body such as your feet. Perhaps your foot corresponds to the rain forest, or a drought area? This feels great. Heal yourself, heal the world.


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