spiritual coaching

All services and consultations may be done remotely.

Spiritual Coaching will help you reach your full potential by connecting you with your inner Spirit.

Spiritual Coaching helps you to find out your role, goals and agreements in this life and to continue your soul’s journey. Become who it is you have agreed to be. Now. If not now, when?

Spiritual Coaching helps you to identify and see your path. Where are you going? What is your calling? How far would you like to go? What gets in your way? Who are your spirit guides and how can they help you? Awareness, acceptance and appreciation empowers you. Gratitude, generosity and grace follow. Enlightenment awaits you.

I have studied, worked with and am experienced with Usui and Holy Fire/Karuna Reiki, Shamanic Reiki and Shamanism, Gaianic Reiki, Animal Reiki, Crystal Healing, the Singing Bowls, Akashic Records, the Rosary, Meditation, Creative Visualization, Intuition, Kundalini, Tuning Forks, Sound Healing, Frequency, Vibrations, Mediumship, Empaths, Psychics, Healing Massage, Shiatsu, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, New Age Thought, Past Lives, Dream Interpretation, Spirit and animal guides, OOBE (Out of Body Experience). I have been on this path since 1979.

I am adept at explaining and putting all of these together so that it makes sense to you.

It would be an honor and a privilege to help guide and coach you.

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603-661-8664 or steve@optimimplus.com


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