Healing Gaia:  Druidry

Topic:  An ancient native spiritual tradition that promotes harmony, veneration, respect, connection and reverence for the natural world; to develop inner wisdom.

Intention:  To incorporate the tenets and best practices of Druidism into a Gaianic healing session.

Framework:  To understand the rituals, steps and protocols to enhance the outcomes of a Gaianic healing session.

Focus:  To connect the needs of Gaia to the offerings of Druidism best suited to the goals and intentions in a Gaianic healing session.

Healing Tools:  Ancestors, Awen, Beltane, Celtic language, chanting and toning, creative visualization, crystals, dance, earth energy, fire, feasts, hooded cloak, incense, intuition, ley lines, long barrows, lore, meditation, megaliths, musical instruments, prayer, pre-historic sites, rituals and practices, sacred sites and spaces, Solstice, song, sound, Spirits and Deities, stone circles, the Four Directions, the Three Worlds, tree groves, vortexes, Wheel of the Year

Suggested Readings:  The Path of Druidry:  Walking the Ancient Green Way by Penny Billington, The Druidry Handbook:  Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living Earth by John Michael Greer.

Websites:  https://druidnetwork.org/what-is-druidry/   and  https://druidry.org/druid-way/what-druidry  and  https://druidgarden.wordpress.com/tag/rituals-for-healing/

Movies/Videos:   Druids  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRxl7X7cjFU


Think About

Imagine you are in the year 3000 BCE. The mysteries of the Earth, seasons, moon, sun and stars and life itself were front and center. The reverence for the earth, how and why things grew, what was food, medicine or poison were constantly being discovered, learned, extolled, de-mystified and shared. Earth-based rituals and practices were being created, explored and shared based on health, wellness, discovery, insights and inner wisdom. Religious practices were often earth and nature centered. This was the age of the Druid.

The success and survival of the village depended on understanding nature’s mysteries, sharing your inner wisdom and commitment to peace and harmony in the community. Whatever worked was repeated and refined, creating rituals, ceremonies and best practices that still stand and resonate today. Life in every form and aspect was revered, respected and honored, and connected to nature. This is Druidism.

Healing was intertwined with the sacred nature rituals in ancient times, just as they are today. These ancient sacred rituals still have a reverence for the Earth. Herbalism created a divine connection to the Earth, to Gaia, and still does. These rituals are still in use, often practiced and held on the original sacred sites. An understanding of Druidry and Druidism has incredible potential in Gaianic healing in these modern times.

Try This

If you already consider yourself a Druid, think about practicing and sharing your knowledge as it might relate to healing Gaia. If you are new to Druidry, find an aspect that intrigues and calls out to you and look for ways to include it in a Gaianic healing session. Druidry is making a comeback. Perhaps its time is here, called forth by Gaia herself.


Research, explore and perform some Druid rituals, or, with your intuition and intention, create some of your own. Focus the intention towards healing an aspect of Gaia.

Consider attending a gorseddau, which is an open gathering for Druids. Find a mentor to take Druidism deeper as a practice for healing Gaia.



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