Sound Healing

Topic:  Using the attributes, tones, frequencies, vibrations and modulations of sound to promote wellness, healing and the expansion of consciousness.

Intention:  To use the techniques and technologies associated with sound healing to enhance the outcomes of a Gaianic healing session.

Framework:  To incorporate the best practices, steps, procedures and protocols of sound healing in every Gaianic healing session.

Focus:  To listen for and pick the best aspects of sounds for specific goals in a Gaianic healing session.

Healing Tools:  Anechoic chambers, awareness, binaural beats, bio-tuning, chanting and toning, chimes, crystals, Cymatics, electronic nerve stimulation, faith, frequency, gongs, gratitude, harmonics, holographic sound, humming, hydro acoustic therapy, infratonics, intuition, musical instruments, neurophone, Nutri Energetic Systems, overtone singing, rhythm, root frequency entrainment, scalar waves, singing bowls, sound surgery, tuning forks, vibration, vibro acoustic therapy, vibro analysis, water sound infusion.   

Suggested ReadingsSound Healing for Beginners by Joshua Goldman and Alec Sims, The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing by Jonathan Goldman, Tuning the Human Biofield by Eileen Day McKusick



Think About

We have always been healing and nurturing ourselves with sound. Have you ever noticed how happy people whistle, sing or hum, and disgruntled or angry people seem to grunt, huff and moan? Most of the time we do this intuitively and are unaware of it. Meditation might include some form of chanting, toning, or singing. How about when your favorite band or song is playing, notice how it tends to relax you or “take you to a pleasant place or memory”? If you play a musical instrument, recall how you can sometimes get “in the zone”, or enter a trance-like state of bliss while playing it? Drumming alters our theta brain waves helping us to relax. All sounds have an affect on us. Some heal us, some disturb or irritate us, yet coax us into a state of change.

There are countless other examples of where sounds relax and heal us. The sounds of nature are very healing and relaxing. Birds, crickets, the gentle lapping of waves, the crackle of a fire, and the wind through a canyon or the trees. What sounds relax and heal you? What sounds do you enjoy?

All these sounds have a vibration, frequency, tone, rhythm, and an affect on us. Science and technology have advanced to the point where we can catalog, measure, and collect measurable data if we choose to do so. What is on your playlist right now, today?

What sounds does Gaia produce? What sounds do you sense Gaia prefers? What sounds do you use when giving an energy healing session or for pure relaxation? Trust your instincts and incorporate these sounds when sending healing energy to Gaia.

Try This

The next time you find yourself in a good mood, take note of the sounds around you. Are there more than one? Is it music? A child’s laughter? Ocean waves on the beach? Conversely, if you are irritated, what are the associated sounds? A lawnmower or leaf blower? A crying baby? See if you can isolate the sounds and become detached, merely an observer.


What kinds of music do you prefer for different things such as work, dancing, driving, reading a book, cooking or just as a background? Keep a chart or a list and play this music to enhance your ability to relax and concentrate, focus on something or change your mood for the better.

Experience an energy session with a qualified sound healer. Find out the wide range of healing sounds, frequencies and vibrations and find ways to bring more of these sounds into your everyday life. Notice the times when silence is your preference, too.

Read the section on Healing Tools and see how many you can experience. Incorporate some of these into your daily life and healing sessions. Notice how or if any change or alter your mood or ability to focus and concentrate.

Silence? Is there ever a time when you are in the complete absence of sound? Try and find the sounds that create your “best setting”, or bring you peace of mind. Make a note of the sounds that irritate you and avoid them.

If you have access to an anechoic chamber, try it out. You will be able to hear the sounds of just you; breath, heartbeat, and the flow of your blood and energy.



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