Healing Gaia:  Crystals

Topic:   Crystals are a solid crystalline substance with a specific mineralogical body characterized by a unique internal structure and vibration, often with a symmetry of plane faces.

Intention:  To utilize the healing power of crystals to their best and greatest advantage based on their unique healing attributes, personality and characteristics.

Framework:  To understand the various options, layouts and grids for the use of the different crystals; how best to program each crystal for a specific purpose, goal or outcome.

Focus:  Sense and feel the healing energy of each crystal at the right time and allow it to deliver its energy at the right moment.

Healing Tools:  The hundreds of healing crystals that are available and crystal grids.

Suggested Reading:  The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, The Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ahsian, Love is in the Earth by Melody.

Websites:  Google Crystals and healing and prepare to be amazed.

Movies/Videos:  Google The Spirit Science videos
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6pYAiRqhio  and


Think About

The Earth, Gaia, the Mother, the Goddess, Pachamama, is essentially a giant crystal, floating in time and space. She has a solid outer crust comprised of 90% silicate mineral rocks. This means there are a wide variety of crystals everywhere, with more being discovered each year. Crystals have been revered and used since the beginning of humankind, found in countless burial sites, used in ceremonies, rituals, for ornamentation, trade, as tools and in healing practices. There are over 200 references to crystals in the Bible.

Crystals are thought to have a consciousness and power to protect, heal, transform, aid in dreaming and give us insights through meditation. They are part of Gaia, gifts of love. It is thought by many that before the age of formal language and speech the crystals actually spoke to us; they were able to guide us toward food, safety and shelter, telling us which plants were food, medicine or poison, all through our intuition. We still have the ability to hear what they are telling us, if we focus. Healers, especially Shaman have long understood and known this.

Crystals can transmit frequency and were used in the first radios; the original radio was called a “crystal set“, and needed no battery power; it was powered by a crystal. Silicon chips which are used in computers are essentially crystals, programmed with thoughts, sharing consciousness.

Everything alive and inanimate is made up of energy and has a unique, specific vibration and a frequency. When all is well, the vibration supports harmony and wellness; when there is stress, illness or injury, the vibration becomes discordant or disrupted. Crystals vibrate to more than one vibration and are therefore resistant to disruptive or discordant vibrations, allowing a vibration of intentional wellness to return. The crystals help heal us based on our thoughts, consciousness, intentions and focus.

Each crystal is thought to have a set of unique attributes, personality and specific powers. There are six (6) basic categories of crystals, all falling under the geometric family of the cube:  isometric, hexagonal, orthorhombic, triclinic, tetragonal and monoclinic. 

How many different crystals are there? There are about 2,700 mineral species, but based on the idea that most people seek what are often referred to as “gems or gemstones”, this number is considered to number around 100 plus. This is based on the definition:  those closely tied to personal adornment, to be displayed as art, for their rarity, beauty, durability and healing properties.

Choosing crystals is a highly personal endeavor. They tend to find you. Explore the books, crystal-gem stores, search the internet. You can really do no wrong if you stick to the basic “100” as outlined in most crystal books; but all crystals within 2,700 mineral species have the ability and power to help us. Ideally, if you choose to use crystals in your healing practice you will have several crystals associated with each of the different chakras. Advanced crystal healers like a large variety to choose from due to the various attributes and personalities of each stone. My personal favorites include Lemurian seed crystals, Azeztulite, black Tourmaline, Malachite and Red Jasper.

Traditionally, crystals are rough cut and can be large or small, tumbled/rounded, or faceted, with six sides and a point. If collecting, try a variety of sizes, shapes and colors:

  • Rounded, or pocket, stones are ideal for taking with you, giving some away and holding while meditating.
  • Geodes are majestic and powerful, especially the larger amethyst ones.
  • Double-terminated project power from both ends.
  • Egg shaped crystals carry both masculine and feminine energy and are nice to hold for meditation purposes.
  • Palm-shaped stones are comforting to hold energetically during meditation.
  • Pendulum crystals are ideal for gathering information with a series of intentional, focused, direct yes or no questions. Hold the pendulum with your left hand.
  • Phantom crystals have one or more stones merged or growing on top of one another.
  • Wands are used for directing energy and can have other crystals glued or attached to create specific healing outcomes.
  • Large spheres are considered very powerful as they project energy from the entire surface, and when used correctly, will reveal information and impart great insights. Remember the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz, or the Eye or Sauron shown in the sphere of Saruman in the Lord of the Rings?

Most crystals need to be re-charged and cleansed after heavy use. This can be done with sunlight, moonlight, burning sage, tuning forks, burying in the ground, energetically by a Reiki practitioner, immersing in running water or salt water.
NOTE:  Selenite should never be placed in water.

Crystals are used in various ways during a Gaianic healing session. Because they can be programmed, there is no shortage of creative healing options. It begins with intention. Select the crystals based on your intuition, allow them to choose you, or, pick them based on the chakras you sense you will be working with. You can hold them while meditating and projecting healing thoughts and images, lay them in a pattern or grid, or program for specific healing outcomes. Whatever you choose to do with your crystals will be felt by Gaia, and received with deep love and gratitude.

Try This

Prior to your next healing session with Gaia, consciously ask her which crystals she would like brought into the session. If you have these, use them and see how it feels. Use them in any fashion or manner your intuition suggests, perhaps simply by holding them in your hands with healing intentions. Some people bury them in specific locations, especially along chosen ley lines or at vortexes.


Carry a small bag of pocket stones with you and give each one away as your intuition suggests. This is particularly wonderful to do when asked for money or food handouts. Perhaps leave one in a conspicuous place for someone to find.

Stand in front of your collection of crystals. Name your intention prior to a Gaianic healing session and ask which crystals would like to join you. They will call out to you. This is amazing to do and really helps you to attune yourself to the different crystal energies. Do the same when doing a healing session on yourself.

Meditate while holding one crystal in your hand. You will absorb that crystal’s energy, taking on its healing attributes. It melts into your hand and connects you to the energy of all the similar crystals world-wide. This is astonishingly empowering. This really works.

Place seven (7) carefully chosen chakra stones under your mattress or raised bed frame. Notice how much better you rest.

Place a small crystal in a glass of water overnight and drink the water the next day. You will be absorbing the particular assets of the crystal.

Carry one small pocket stone with you every day for at least a month. You will begin to take on the attributes of the crystal. Let the crystal choose you, or pick one based on what you sense you need to work on or heal.

Donate crystals to schools, hospitals or homeless shelters. Bring them to your place of work. Share their energy.


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