Healing Gaia:  Spiritualism

Topic:  A religious movement and belief system that suggests the spirits or souls of the dead exist and willingly communicate with the living in order to help, coach, guide and offer insights; the perspective that spirit is a relevant aspect and element of reality.

Intention:  To use spiritualism to enhance the outcomes in a Gaianic healing session.

Framework:  To incorporate the steps, procedures, best practices and protocols of spiritualism into a Gaianic healing session.

Focus:  To use spirits to open up channels of communication with Gaia in a Gaianic healing session.

Healing Tools:  Afterlife, astral projection, automatic writing, channeling, clairvoyants, dreams, creative visualization, Declaration of Principles, faith healers, hypnotism, intuition, mediumship, National Spiritualist Association, OOBE, prayer, Reiki, reincarnation, Rosary, seances, Second Great Awakening, Shamanic journeys, spiritualist churches, spirit guides, Spiritualist’s National Union, syncretism, theosophy, trances.

Suggested Readings:  Talking to the Dead:  Kate and Maggie Fox and the Rise of Spiritualism by Barbara Weisberg.

Websites:    https://www.britannica.com/topic/spiritualism-religion  and  https://www.snu.org.uk/   and  https://nsac.org/

Movies/Videos:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZqr-frp994   and  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSrYGU_0Q7s   and  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwuoD_4HfO0


Think About

The desire to, and belief in communication with the dead and the spirit world has been around since the beginning of our existence, through prayer and a wide variety of religious, ceremonial and ritualistic practices. Who wouldn’t want to tell a loved who has passed that we think of them often, love them and still wish to be able to continue to communicate with them? Spiritualism suggests and purports that this is possible, that the spirits and the afterlife is real. Privately, many people sense they are doing this through their own belief systems, and probably are.

Spiritualism as a formal movement traces its origins to 1848 and a supposed supernatural, documented event between the Fox sisters and a long-ago deceased individual at a farmhouse in Hydesville, NY. (Spiritualism is not to be confused with spiritualty) From this single event the idea of spiritualism as a concept quickly took hold and gained popularity, especially after the horrific number of deaths during the American Civil War.  Clairvoyants, mediums, psychics, hypnotists, religious leaders, pranksters, and charlatans all climbed onto the bandwagon. The movement swept through Europe as well and has gained popularity with our modern New Age era. While numerous fraudulent events and individuals and have been documented and the perpetrators exposed, there are far more people with very real experiences to validate this with the general public.

The concept of being able to communicate with spirits is especially conducive for success in a Gaianic healing session due to the nature of the Oneness of All That Is. It allows and offers us a direct channel to meeting the healing needs of Gaia.

Try This

Give yourself permission to meet your spirit guides as well as the spirits of people you were close to who have recently passed over. Take note of your energy and feel if anything shifts or opens up as you try to make contact. Connecting to spirit takes practice as the subtle energy is sometimes difficult to feel until you are well versed with it.


Research the protocols for holding a séance. Gather some friends and consider hosting one. See if you sense any type of connections with any spirits, particularly people you were close to who have recently passed over. Ask them specific questions pertaining to Gaia.

Try out a Ouija board starting with some simple questions and see if you sense any spirit connections. The more you practice the better your spirit channel opens up. Ask specific questions pertaining to Gaia.

Take a Shamanic journey with the intention of meeting your various spirit guides. Ask who your animal and plant spirit guides are as well. Once you meet your spirit guides you can ask them for help with other introductions.


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