Healing Gaia: 
Out of Body Experience (OOBE)

Topic:   OOBE, or an out of body experience is the feeling of being physically detached from your body, sometimes being able to observe it with a sensation of floating; astral travel; astral projection; lucid dreaming.

Intention:  To master the act of an OOBE for the purpose of enhancing a Gaianic healing session.

Framework:  To choose the method and steps for triggering a successful OOBE in a consistent manner.

Focus:  Being able to concentrate without distraction on the specific tasks set up within an OOBE.

Healing Tools:  Akashic Records, creative visualization, dreams, meditation, Shamanic Journeys, sleep.

Suggested Reading:  Out-of-Body-Adventures by Rick Stack.

Websites:  https://brainschnabel.com/category/oobe/  and

Movies/Videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf-vMPn5TKE


Think About

Everyone has dreams, some more so than others. All our dreams, whether happy, disturbing or those considered a nightmare reveal something to us and while being open to different perspectives and insights, it is always best to go with your own intuitive interpretation. Some people have vivid dreams with scenes, pictures, sounds, colors and an event that can be recalled. Others have what are called lucid dreams, which can often include the sensation of floating, flying and at times, the knowledge and full awareness that your are in the dream state, and can therefore make conscious choices just like we can do in our awake state of being. This last description is often referred to as an out-of-body-experience, an OOBE.

There are varying degrees of an OOBE, but it is generally agreed upon that it includes the conscious understanding that you are dreaming and that you do something while in this state such as travel to a specific location, try to find someone to ask questions, have a conversation, explore past lives, or simply enjoy the feelings, sensations and ability to explore this new dimension in a state of full awareness.

An OOBE helps us understand the true nature of reality, that we are energetic beings of light living a multi-dimensional existence, immortal in being beyond form. We are no longer limited to the belief systems fostered by religion and intellectualism. Everything in the universe opens up to us. We are free to travel to all worlds, times and places that might summon us.

When one becomes familiar, used to and adept at initiating and launching an OOBE we can begin to use them for healing purposes. You can set a specific healing intention to focus on. You can ask to meet your past energy-healer selves, search for a healing spirit guide, take a Shamanic journey, explore the Akasha, all with the purpose of learning, remembering and mastering long forgotten healing techniques, and eventually incorporate all of this into a Gaianic healing session.

Working within the framework of an OOBE, you can reach your full potential as a healer.

Try This

Each night before you go to sleep, request and give yourself permission to have an OOBE. Set this as an intention, asking to be fully aware and remember everything. OOBEs are available to everyone and while doing certain exercises and activities may help the initial OOBE launch, these really require no training. It is about belief, intention and focus. Do this as often as you are comfortable. “I give myself permission to have an out-of-body-experience tonight”. Try this. It really works.


On the specific nights you set the intention to have an OOBE, refrain from any alcohol, caffeine or a heavy late evening meal. Relax your body on the bed or chair. Meditation is helpful. Exhale a few deep breaths and on the next gentle inhale, imagine you are breathing in light. Do this for a few minutes on every inhale, bringing in light, getting into a slow relaxed breathing pattern, allowing the light to gently spread throughout your entire body. Starting at your feet, visualize them turning into light and becoming weightless. Move up to your lower legs, knees, thighs and hips, turning them into light, weightless, and continue until you reach your head. Once your entire body is filled with light and weightless, visualize your legs rising up off the bed, chair, and slowly followed by the rest of your body. This is a very effective way for beginners to initiate their first OOBE.

Our energy centers, our chakras, can be used in helping to launch us into an OOBE. Focus on the Third Eye and Crown chakras with the intention of allowing them to open up during the dream state. This helps to reduce resistance to your consciousness leaving your body.

Imagine you are holding or taking a camera with you every time you experience an OOBE. See the camera in your hand and take as many pictures as you can; if you own one, placed it on the bedside table before you go to sleep for a nice visual reminder. Set the intention that you will take pictures of anything significant during the OOBE. When you wake up the next day take a look at your pictures! This helps you recall and remember a lot of things.

Flying is an exhilarating feature of an OOBE. While not everyone experiences this, set is as an intention and hold on!


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