Hi Steve,
I wanted to thank you for our collaboration these past two days. I really learned a lot and I am excited to try some of your methods on our partners. They won’t know what hit them-haha
Happy weekend!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

-Ms. H.D.

Hi Steve,
I enjoyed your training last week! Thanks for taking the time to come to Houston. It was very beneficial.
I would like to ask you a few questions and get your guidance on some things. Do you have time to talk?

Thanks again.

-Best, M.U


I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed our two-day training.
The laws of human nature and three second rule will stay with me for life. But my takeaways from this training go way beyond the re-enrollment. I look forward to applying our techniques in my everyday work and life.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.


Hey Steve,

Thank you so much for your passion and enthusiasm for sales and the process of selling!
You have prepared us for more productive conversations with our teachers, administrators, and stakeholders, and that’s been a long time coming!

Your passion has reignited mine, that’s for sure!

Thanks again.


Hey Steve,
Can I ask a quick favor? I am making an introduction between two relatively influential people in WV and wondered if you have a strong format that you use in such situations.


Thanks Stephen!
It was so helpful to discuss and think about strategic communication and how to make the most of our time with partners to communicate the value of the program. I appreciated your being willing to listen to us, and answer our questions and concerns thoughtfully!



I am an experienced salesperson and thought I “knew it all”. After this training, on reflection, I am struck by “how much I didn’t know.” I have already had success with the Greetings and “benefit statement” you shared with us. This really works.


Steve delivered a knock out presentation at our Lions Club today. The quality and content were at a Tedx level. Steve’s crafty ability to weave stories in his presentation made for a powerful and impactful message.

Joshua I Houle

Partner & Wealth Manager, Steward Partners Global Advisory / Raymond James

Hi Steve,
Thank you again for the training, it was very informative and I personally found it a great perspective to add to the tool belt.


Hi Team,
Hate to sound like a broken record, but I have to echo the positivity. Stephen, thank you all for your spot-on wisdom and encouragement this past week.


Hi Steve,
Thanks again for your insights over the last few days. It seemed like you were a natural Mountaineer!
Please do let me know if I can be of service regarding other products or curricula. I will remain focused on my present accounts until early June, but by mid-summer I should transition to a modified role where we can collaborate more, including that sales trip we discussed! (Sam, I hope to shadow Steve at some point in the fall – it should be a natural fit as he pitches SSS.)


Hello! I wanted to make sure you knew how much your time with us last week was appreciated!
THANK YOU for quality training and relationship building last week. You equipped us with tools and information that literally apply to every area of our life, and that we are already using. I look FORWARD to that meeting with Mrs. Alexander now that I have role-played it, and was given confidence and affirmation in my approach. I have chosen two key decision makers at Ona (the school that we might be losing after next year) and praised and validated their awesome implementations through interviewing them for teacher spotlights for our blog! They were humbled and excited that I would choose them. I am making them “feel like rockstars” (which they are) which immediately makes them more invested. And I have even found myself being more intentional in ALL my conversations to continue to put the focus back on the other person and really seek to get to know their desires, asking deeper questions and thus, getting higher quality responses!
All this aside though, I am SO grateful for our time with you and the wonderful tools and growth you can attribute to our mission! We are so glad to have you!



Thanks for your thoughts and your insight into how we can trim costs. I really appreciate your efforts.
I think you should proceed as outlined below. We need to continue to make progress on increasing enrollment, but we need to be mindful of all costs as we do that. I think you plan below satisfies both sides of that.

Thanks for your help. If you need any help from me on any of this, please let me know.


Hey Steve,

Thanks again so much for coming out and helping my team. I am really excited to see how we can take this information and turn it into some really strong and energized partnership discussions!
To that end, I would really appreciate any big picture feedback you have on the team’s strengths and areas for development. I will need to obviously follow through with training and would benefit immensely from your insight which I know is based on years of experience with teams like ours.
Specifically, I would be interested in particular team dynamics, individual strength profiles, and any areas wherein the team could use specific further development.
If you would be available, I would love to set up a time for us to talk through this since I would like to get as much specific information as possible. Would it be okay if I sent you a calendar invite for an hour next week?
Thank you again for all your help!


Hi Steve,
Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and sales skills with all of us in WV! Since Suzette and Ellen were unable to make the in-person training, would you be able to provide them with the handouts? I was reading them again on the plane ride back to Los Angeles and they helped me continue to contextualize and plan for upcoming re-enrollment discussions.


Hey Steve,

I have a fun opportunity to be in your neighborhood the weekend of 9/26 and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to learn from the jedi master of sales! I am hoping to fly in Wednesday or Thursday and out Tuesday or Wednesday. That would give us Thu/Fri and then Mon/Tue to work together.