Professional Sales Training

Steve has been a corporate sales trainer since 1983. He has worked on a regional and national level, motivating and helping individuals and teams exceed their goals on a regular basis. Each training is customized to your specific business, industry, personal and team needs and adjusts to your current level of sales expertise. Steve has developed a unique, customized set of personal motivational-follow-up-sales-tools that will help you identify your distractions and strengths on a daily basis which allows you to maximize your personal and business goal-setting potential through enhanced intuition and instincts. This incorporates the 3Panel Guide: Your intuition and instincts are taken to a new level of confidence, positivism and surety. You are thus able to function and perform at your peak performance level every day. Build and experience your own personal 3Panel Guide for incredible sales outcomes. You will get better at every aspect of selling, close more deals and make more money.

Professional Sales Training works! Empower yourself.

Motivational Speaker

Steve is an inspiration and motivational force with everyone he comes in contact with. When he focuses his energy and talents on you, you cannot help but be inspired to reach new levels of personal insight, awareness, confidence and self-reliance. His ability to take an individual, group or organization to new heights of cognizance, optimism and faith in themselves, their mission and goals is real and quantifiable. Steve has the power to ignite passion, instill courage, sureness-of-self and fearlessness in the realm of goal-attainment in a Zen-like manner. Everyone walks away feeling inspired and brimming with confidence.

Motivation works! Empower yourself.

Team Building and Comradery

Steve understands the finer nuances and importance of team-building, relationship-building, inter-departmental cross-communication and respect, obedience and conformity with all laws, rules and regulations. He stresses these in every workshop and training. Company policies are woven into each training. You can be assured that everyone is inspirationally team-focused and HR compliant.

Team Building works! Empower yourself.

Shadow Training

Steve offers a specialized form of training. He will accompany you on sales calls, presentations and events, observing, critiquing and motivating you along the way. This results in unbiased, personalized coaching, taking your current skills to a new level of confidence and expertise.

Shadow Training and Sales Coaching works! Empower yourself.


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    Steve specializes in identifying “what works for you and what gets in your way”. His insights are uncanny, his coaching spot-on. He has extensive experience with both rookies and seasoned pros. Everyone can benefit from his professional customized one-on-one sales training. This takes your relationship building skills to new levels of expertise and mastery. You will get better at every aspect of selling, close more deals and make more money.

    Personal Sales Coaching works! Empower yourself.

    Trade Shows

    Make every Trade Show experience count and be worthwhile! Steve will help train and coach you on everything from your greetings, probing and listening skills, closing techniques, follow up, referrals and networking. You end up with better qualified leads, top referrals and greater networking mojo. You will get better at every aspect of selling, close more deals and make more money.

    Trade show training works! Empower yourself.

    Presentations and Trade Shows

    Steve offers per diem services for trade shows and specialty events where you absolutely need a professional when you cannot attend. He has 35+ years experiences working the trade show floor and doing product presentations. Steve will get you the results you need, from orders, fully qualified leads and solid networking referrals.

    Steve’s booth presence works! Empower your business.

    Life Training: Mind, Body, Spirit

    Your Past, Your Present, Your Future: Reflect, Meditate, Act. Steve has adapted his corporate training materials to benefit everyone, not just sales people. The 3Panel Guide is a customized and personalized system to help everyone reach their full potential on a daily basis through their enhanced powers of intuition and creative visualization. Build and experience your own personal 3Panel Guide! Contact Steve today to find out how his Life Training workshops with the 3Panel Guide can help you. The results are life-changing and stunning.

    Life Training and Coaching works! Empower yourself.

    Self-Empowerment for the Disadvantaged

    Steve is dedicated to creating opportunities and hope for everyone and has created a unique workshop for the underprivileged, disenfranchised and incarcerated. Everyone deserves to feel empowered and valued. These workshops create life-changing insights and new levels of personal awareness. Special discount rates apply.

    Optimism works! Empower yourself.

    Workshop Locations

    Steve lives in New Hampshire and workshops can be on-site at your home, business or corporate headquarters anywhere in the world.

    Workshops range from the basics of the sales process, to master-classes for the top tier of experienced salespeople, to groups of eclectic individuals seeking self-empowerment and personal motivation. Everyone will benefit from his professional trainings.