Healing Gaia:  Breathwork

Topic:   Breathwork refers to the conscious choice of changing the number and patterns of your breaths with the intention of healing, creating overall greater awareness, relaxation, to gain more energy, increase clarity, and focus on something specific or allow your consciousness to enter an altered state.

Intention:  To understand and make use of the power of breathing to enhance a Gaianic healing session.

Framework:  To master, learn and see the best practices of when and how to incorporate Breathwork to bring about good outcomes in a Gaianic healing session.

Focus:  Learn the protocols of breathing, to follow the power of our breath with intention for healing purposes.

Healing Tools:  Clavicular, costal, deep, diphragmatic, eupnea, held, hyperpnea, patterned, rapid, shallow, sustained, thoracic; the Breathwork tools are chosen based on your intuition.

Suggested Reading:  Holotropic Breathwork by Stanislave Grof, Pranayama:  The Vedic Science of Breath by Advait.

Websites:  Google Breathwork. Explore the ones that call out to you. Try:
https://www.healthline.com/health/breathwork and
https://www.healthline.com/health/breathing-exercise  and

Movies/Videos: Google Breathwork videos and movies, watch and explore some.


Think About

Consciously take a normal breath. Exhale. Repeat several times. On average, you will take between 17,000 and 23,000 breaths each day.

Breathwork categories include but are not limited to:

  • Shamanic Breathwork
  • Holotropic
  • Rebirthing
  • Transformational Breathwork
  • Wim Hof Method

As experienced energy healers will readily attest, it has long been known, understood and accepted that proper breathing techniques enhance our overall well-being and health. The primary benefit for breathwork during a Gaianic healing session is how it heightens our ability to focus with intention within our chose framework.

Finding the best breathwork techniques to improve our well-being and help us to become better energy healers is an intimate, personal and individual choice.

Regardless of your Breathwork choices, remember as you do the exercises and activities to focus on the goal of how these might help you to become a better energy healer.

Try This

Research various breathing techniques from a book or a website. Pick one and do it prior to a Gaianic healing session. Make a note of how you feel. Now, choose a different breathwork exercise and see if one works better for you than another. Explore as many of these breathwork options and exercises as your intuition suggest. Your energy will tend to respond to one better than another. Make a note of these.


Sit quietly and  notice the physical movements of your body as you breathe softly. Do you inhale and exhale through your mouth or your nose? Does your chest or stomach tend to expand more? Do you feel and sense the movement in your diaphragm?  What exactly is it doing? Now, take a few deep breaths and compare the sensations and physical  movements in your body.

Take as deep a breath as you can filling your lungs as much as possible, expanding your chest and hold it for a few seconds. Exhale slowly and repeat at least 5 times. Do  you use your mouth or your nose? Make note of any changes in your physical movement and sensations. Do you feel lightheaded? More aware? These initial exercises and activities will give you a baseline with which to work from. It is important to know the movements in your body as you breathe in order to  gain any benefits to future breathwork exercises.

Hum a note or a tone as you do some breathing exercises. Do this with your mouth open, and then repeat it with your mouth closed.


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