The Messages: Where Were You When the Phone Rang? The Story of Peace on Earth

The Messages: Where Were You When the Phone Rang? The Story of Peace on Earth
Stephen G. Reinhart
ISBN: 978-1-7334582-0-7

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The Story:
A caller claiming to be God calls everyone on the planet at 9:00 AM UTC/GMT, every morning, for one week, demanding we cease all killings. The message? At the end of the initial week of warnings, starting on Day 8, anyone who kills someone will also die instantly, as well as the senior-most member of the chain of command. This includes gangs, police departments, terrorist groups and any government organization, as well as our President as he is Commander-in Chief. If the killings persist in high numbers after a few weeks we will be totally replaced with a more peaceful race. The millions of simultaneous calls and emails cannot be traced and the callers voice cannot be recorded. Who is really calling? A clever hacker? Terrorists? The NSA? We have one week to create peace on Earth or else. What would you ask?

Everyone is encouraged to ask questions during the calls, and all are answered, challenging all the world’s religious beliefs. Seven mornings, one weeks warning.

Author’s note
Channeling, (noun): The practice of conveying information through a spirit guide or any consciousness that is not in human form.
The truth: On a cold, early winter morning, sometime in late December of 2005, I had a vivid dream. I saw the outline of a book, twenty chapters followed by a detailed description of each one. They appeared in bright neon lights. I heard a soft voice urging me to get up and write them down, so I did. I wrote this story based on that vivid dream outline. I wrote it in spurts of fifteen minutes to one hour, each session in a semi-trance like state.

I knew I was channeling. These writing sessions went on intermittently for over a decade. I would sometimes stop for months at a time, a bit nervous, reluctant and intimidated by the task at hand, until I felt compelled to write again. I swear this is what happened.

The story wrote itself. Read this book. I was meant to write it and you are meant to read it. Let’s bring peace to the world. After reading it, please write your initials on the inside cover and pass it on. Or buy one as a gift for someone.

Ok, sit tight. Now for the story. It still blows my mind when I look back on how it all came to me. The dreams and channeling, the storyline, the insights, the songs, and most of all the questions and answers. Seven mornings, one week’s warning.