Ingomu is a phone app. that I am associated with as a coach. If you are interested in more information about Ingomu and its other offerings you may contact me or go directly to:

About Ingomu Coaching App

What issues and concerns are keeping you up at night, causing you stress and anxiety, preventing you from living your best life, from reaching your full potential on a daily basis? Ingomu is here to help you! With Ingomu you have access to first-class coaches who work with you on your life, soul, wellness, and work issues so you can start on your journey to live your best possible life, the life you deserve, right now, today.

Ingomu believes in a holistic approach to coaching, making coaching accessible and equitable. Rarely can one coach address all aspects of a problem. The Ingomu app ensures that you have unlimited access to dozens of coaches, able to support you with your current and future life, soul, wellness and work issues, anytime, anywhere, when you need it most, 24/7.


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