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Examples of Energy Healing

If you hit your finger with a hammer, what is the first thing you do? I bet you hold it with your hand. Stub your toe? Sit down and hold it with your hands! Stomach ache? We hold our belly with our hands for soothing comfort. Headache? Toothache? You get the idea. We hold our own injured areas with our hands. A child with a bruise? A distraught or crying baby? We comfort them with our hands. In each case we bring healing energy and comfort, our own inner personal energy, or chi, ki, qi, from deep inside ourselves. We are all healers and always have been. This is why anyone can learn the formalized system called reiki and be successful at it, whether it is self-reiki or to heal others.

The difference is that when you are trained and attuned to reiki you are channeling the energy from outside of yourself. If you are not trained and attuned to reiki you are using your own inner, personal energy, and will feel tired and depleted of energy afterwards. Ever notice how you want to take a nap if you have hurt yourself or nurtured someone if they have been hurt or injured? If you are trained and attuned to reiki you feel energized.

This is reiki! What a gift to give and share!