Healing Gaia:  Yoga

Topic:   A collective group of spiritual, mental and physical practices or disciplines originated in ancient India for self-actualization and healing through meditation, chanting, rituals, prayers, physical posturing and spirituality.

Intention:  To use the practices and disciplines of yoga to direct the universal life force energy to our desired outcomes in a Gaianic healing session.

Framework:  To create a series of postures, steps and protocols to support your healing intentions in a Gaianic healing session.

Focus:  Keeping your attention connected to the outcomes and goal of the Gaianic healing session.

Healing Tools:  Attunements, breath, chanting and toning, drumming, meditation, mindfulness, music and sound, yoga postures, yoga styles.

Suggested Reading:  https://www.verywellfit.com/best-yoga-books-3567014  

Websites:  https://www.heek.com/yoga/best-yoga-design  and

Movies/Videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9pfEzGdpNA  and


Think About

It can be argued that yoga is a form of movement and exercise with a focus on relaxation and stretching that has been around as long as people needed to keep their bodies healthy, limber and in shape. When yogis started to add mindfulness, meditation and include aspects of introspection and spirituality, specific postures and breathing techniques with teachings and formal practices and disciplines, it became embedded in world culture. India is credited with taking yoga to this level sometime between 1,7000-500 BCE. Records of yoga are found in ancient teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism and have now been distilled down to either major forms or philosophies. The history of yoga is diverse, rich and worth studying.

Yoga was introduced to the western world from India in the 19th and early twentieth centuries and became popular first as a form of physical exercises with the spiritual aspects and benefits being added on as more was learned about it. Once the healing aspects were accepted and valued it became mainstream. Today, virtually every town and city in the world boast a yoga studio/centers and yoga teachers. Yoga retreats and ashrams are seen as popular destination vacations.

Yoga facilitates and supports a form of focus and mindfulness that is ideal for use in a Gaianic healing session. It helps to center the individual, creates unparalleled focus, offers a series of steps, procedures and a framework for concentration. The healing tools can be as simple as the postures and breathing techniques.

Try This

If you are already familiar with and are a yoga practitioner, send some focused intentional healing thoughts to Gaia during a yoga session. Start by simply being aware of the energy of Gaia, especially if you are able to do your yoga session on the earth, the ground itself. Connect with and feel Gaia’s energy as you ground yourself in each pose


Review and think about the different yoga poses and consider creating a series of poses familiar to you which would allow you focus, with concentration and intention to include the ability to send healing thoughts to Gaia. Find the moments and places in your yoga routine that lends itself to including gratitude and love toward Gaia.

If you are a yoga instructor consider creating a series of poses or a class dedicated to incorporating healing mindfulness for Gaia.



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