Healing Gaia:  Who is Gaia?

Gaia is the Greek name given to the Earth or Pachamama by the Incas. Ancient civilizations all had a reverence, respect and some form of worship toward the Earth. The earth was referred to as the Mother, giver of life, the Earth Goddess of raw maternal power, nurturer, and was considered to have both a spirit and a soul. In the 1970s, James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis determined that the Earth’s chemical components reacted with each other in such a manner that they were in communication; the living and non-living components of the Earth operate as a single system to protect each other and sustain life. This suggests a sentient intelligence. Gaia is alive.

This planet, Gaia, our home, needs our help, our prayers, and our healing energy, our solutions. We are devastating her with pollution, ocean dumping, toxic wastes, micro-plastics, deforestation, fracking, strip mining, chemical fertilizers, farming practices that deplete the soil, over-fishing and our general propensity to waste our natural resources.

The Earth, animals, people, we are all made up of the same energy, atoms and molecules. We all have a spirit. Gaia has a powerful spirit; she is alive and is the personification of the Earth. This allows the healing energy to help her physically mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Healing energy is intelligent and knows where to go.

Imagine the Earth, Gaia, as a conscious entity, long referred to throughout history as the Goddess, the Sacred Mother. The oceans and lakes, rain, streams and rivers are part of her circulatory system. The tectonic plates are her skeletal structure, ever shifting and restless, capable of movement. The silicate rocks, mountains, hills, plains, deserts and oceanic floor are her beautiful skin, encasing her in a thick protective cover.

The vast forests are her lungs, giving us life sustaining oxygen. The flowers and grasses are her radiant, flowing hair, growing and luxurious, beautiful beyond description, living and ever changing like ours. The wind is her breath, soft and gentle at times but capable of generating a forceful rage of power when angered.

Her internal organs are vast deposits of crystals and precious gemstones protected amidst thick, rich veins of minerals buried deep inside her. Her inner, hot liquid center is her innate “core consciousness”, her spirit. Her molten magma streams of lava, ever present and active deep within her are an extension of this spiritual energy.

Her intimate connection to the Sun and Moon is undeniable as the changes of the ocean tides and reactions to solar flares will attest. She generates measurable seismic waves showing us her powerful magnetic fields, with electromagnetic energetic ley lines and vortexes mapped everywhere like the field of nerves and neural networks we have in our own bodies. There can be no doubt, Gaia is a fully aware, sentient being.

The North Pole may be viewed as her Crown chakra, the South Pole as her feet, each with their own unique magnetic field. She spins on an axis, and travels throughout the ever-expanding solar system, moving in increments that until recently were too small to measure. Where is she going? What is she thinking?

Imagine Gaia as an aware, feeling, breathing, dreaming, sentient entity, just like we are, and everything we think about her changes. While she has remarkable powers of rejuvenation and self-healing, she also has her limits, and when pushed to the brink, reacts in self-preservation. She feels, expresses emotions, and clearly lets us know when enough is enough.

She has the power to shift continents, blow mountain tops, unleash hurricanes and tornadoes, generate nuclear power, light up the sky with brilliant displays of electrical bursts of lightening, press organic matter into diamonds; yet at the same time, to nurture and feed us all, to sustain life, to love us. What else is she capable of?

Climate change is devastating her. The opening of the ozone layer is a direct result of our greed and selfishness. 150-200 species of plants, insects, birds and mammals go extinct every 24 hours. Are earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, hurricanes and storms reactions to this, to the extinctions, deforestation and pollution? Are diseases, plagues and pandemics like the Covid-19 messages Gaia is sending to us? Are they warnings that she is unhappy, that perhaps we are not acceptable as residents anymore, and eviction is a eminent?

Clearly, many of us are not listening. This is not acceptable and something needs to be done.

The focus on Gaianic healing is a result of the concerns of climate change, pandemics, extinctions and the ongoing rampant, unbridled levels of planetary destruction and the waste of our precious natural resources. Everyone on the planet is being directly and adversely impacted.

Shamans and other energy healers around the world have been quietly addressing the issues harming Gaia, and there are prophesies outlining and predicting possible outcomes not favorable to humanity if a correction and changes in our behaviors are not immediate.

Some energy healers focus their healing energy on the individuals despoiling her, hoping to enlighten them, to heal them, to change their way of thinking, those that are burning her forests, polluting her clear streams, lakes and oceans, violently stripping her resources with no thought to the balances of nature.

Others focus on and send healing energy to specific planetary physical locations, some to the core consciousness of Gaia.

Focus your healing intentions on the places where you feel the greatest connection and concern; directly on a tectonic fault line or a burning rain forest, or a flood plain or drought area. Send your healing energy to places and issues that affect you the most emotionally, or where you intuit it will do the greatest good. Perhaps it will be an area focused on strip mining, clear cutting, the ocean dump, or one that generates inordinate amounts of toxins. Maybe you will choose to address her emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

I describe Gaia as a “physical being” with intention, to help with this visualization. Get creative and heal Gaia as you feel, sense and intuit her greatest needs, with focus and intention, and love as often as you are able.









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