The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records

All services and consultations may be done remotely.

The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a record of everything ever thought, said, done or experienced for all lives, past and present, including the possible future ones. It follows the soul’s journey and experiences. As an experiential body of knowledge, it is available to every individual, at all times, in its entirety. It follows the soul’s journey over the course of its existence.

The Akashic Records help us to view our current life path from the perspective of our soul. This helps to put our current issues in a useful context which provides incredible insight.  It helps us to find our way, address problems, understand our choices and let go of judgement, fear and resistance. The Akasha is best accessed via a Certified Akashic Records Consultant.

Steve Reinhart:  I am a Certified Akashic Records Consultant and am available for private consultations and readings.

The Readings: They average between 30-90+ minutes. You ask the questions, the Akasha shares the answers and insights. Readings can be by phone or in person. You are encouraged to record the sessions.

Question format:  How, what, and why questions work best. Yes or no and predictive questions don’t elicit much information.

Categories include but are not limited to:

  • Health
  • Relationships – family member, partner, children, friend, work colleague
  • Work and Career
  • Creativity
  • Soul’s Path
  • Ancestral lines

Payment:  $150 per session via PayPal to

Contact:  Send me an email or call or text to arrange for an appointment.

Understanding the context of our issues changes our lives. It puts difficult challenges in perspective and shows us new ways to see everything and everyone around us.  You can view past lives to see the connections and why we are with the people surrounding us. It opens us up to new possibilities, providing hope, reassurance and confidence in today and tomorrow. It offers guidance and direction in bewildering times. It helps to explain past choices and actions. Everyone should take advantage of the knowledge within the Akasha.


“The messages were deeply insightful, personal, and highly relevant to inform my decisions in approaching specific situations in my life right now. As a result of our reading, I came away with a plan of action and prioritization. Look forward to future readings with you. Thank you.” – F.D. in Boston, MA

“This reading was incredible! The insights and information from the session were absolutely amazing, but most of all so helpful.  I feel I have a clear set of information to support my path going forward. It confirmed a lot of things I have always felt and has given me a new found confidence and trust in myself. It also cleared up a lot of stuff regarding some difficult people in my life. Thank goodness for that! I will be back for another reading and I highly recommend Steve. Thank you, Steve!”
– R.B. in Edison, NJ

“Getting the opportunity to have an Akashic Records reading was very exciting. I learned about the Akashic Records a decade ago in yoga teacher training. I had spent my morning devotion in prayer about the reading I was to have that morning. Steve made me feel right at home and he was very present with a wonderful ear to listening. During the reading, all my concerns and questions came up. I heard on many levels, the answers I have been throwing out to the universe on a daily basis.  It was a deeply rewarding experience and profoundly helpful as validation along my path.  I was given some helpful advice which I have incorporated into my life.  I found new strength in this process.  I would recommend Steve; he is gifted on many levels.” – T.M. in Concord, NH

“I absolutely loved the reading I received from Steve. I’m so grateful for the beautiful messages and insights he shared throughout my consultation. It started with a bright burst of light, which we later realized was Archangel Metatron joining our session, followed by messages and direction related to my highest purpose and life path. As I’ve recently transformed many aspects of my life (marital status, career changes, personal and spiritual development, etc) this session was beautifully validating that I am on the correct path and Steve shared many new ideas with me related to moving forward in a positive way to propel me to the next level. I’m excited! Ultimately, messages of Unconditional Love, Joy and Acceptance came through strong, as well as surrounding myself with positive people and elements within my personal and professional relationships. Everything Steve shared resonated so strongly with me and the messages were delivered in a caring and thoughtful manner. I’m so grateful and I highly recommend these services to everyone! Thank you!” – D.M.



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