Healing Gaia:  Attunements

Topic:   A way, means or method used to open or connect an individual to the flow of the Universal Life Force, often referred to as Reiki energy.

Intention:  To be able to sense, feel, channel, understand and follow the various healing energy types available and delivered to each of us freely and unconditionally.

Framework:  To know and understand that the universal healing energy always follows thought and the spoken word within the context of our intentions; that healing energy can do no harm and therefore can be used in any order or sequence.

Focus:  To allow the healing energy to flow unobstructed and freely at all times. Belief is not required. When requested, asked for and called upon, healing energy always flows.

Healing Tools:  Axiatonal Lines Connection, distant/remote, Full Spectrum Healing, Golden Ray Empowerment, Gold Reiki, Green Tara Seichim Reiki, Handson, Imara Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Lavender Flame Reiki, learned-by-doing, meditative, New Usui Reiki, Shamanic Reiki, Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing, Silver Violet Flame Reiki, Tibetan, Usui Reiki; chosen as appropriate based upon your intuition. The more you perform healing energy sessions, the greater the healing channel opens and the intuition responds with guidance.

Suggested Reading:  Reiki for Dummies by Nina L. Paul, 45 Free Reiki Attunements by Chris Comish, Reiki, The Ultimate Guide by Steve Murray.

Websites: Google Reiki, Attunements and Gaia. Explore as many as you can.

Movies/Videos:  Gaia Channel.


Think About

Who attuned the first energy healers? How were they able to be so effective at healing?

Energy healing has been going on since the dawn of humankind, well over 100,000 years ago. It is how healing took place prior to the age of “western” medicine. Just as certain individuals in a family or village specialized in fishing, hunting, tracking, building, craftsmanship of pottery, sewing or drawing, others were called to healing, to the understanding and discovery of what was food, medicine or poison. The healing skills were taught and passed on to future generations. Energy healing was born in this ancient era, during the age of discovery to heal through necessity. Spirit was revered in this area, and for many of us, still is. It was one fully understood.

As we in the modern era try to understand energy healing, we have turned it into a craft, with rituals and secrets to be guarded and at times, profited from. We act at times like only certain anointed people can learn it and become healers.

There are many types of attunements to energy healing. And it is open and available to everyone. While healing tools and knowledge of how to use the healing tools can be complex, getting attuned is not. It is accomplished by intention, focus and intuition. It is reinforced by usage and practice. The more you use it, the more adept and stronger you become with it, the better it flows.

Some attunements involve long rituals and ceremonies preceded by classes, workshops, courses, apprenticeships and tutelage. There are often a series of symbols to be memorized, chanting, toning, drumming and dancing. Some may be done hands-on with initiates being attuned at different levels or stages. Others can be done remotely, or via distant attuning. And yet others can be attained without any teacher via deep meditation.

Just as Mikao Usui was attuned through deep meditation, so can anyone with the right focus and intention.

There are different levels of Reiki attunements. Once you are attuned, you are attuned for the rest of your life. That being said, I have observed and found the following to be consistent truth:

  • If you are attuned to the Master level and rarely do any Reiki energy healing sessions, it takes a few sessions to bring you back to “full power”.
  • If you are attuned to the lowest level but give sincere, focused Reiki energy healing sessions on a regular and daily basis, the amount of healing energy you channel is astonishing and equal to the highest levels available. This is because it is about intention.
  • It is still a good idea to find a mentor/teacher/Master Teacher and get the highest level of instruction and attunement possible, but I do not believe it is required to be an effective Reiki energy healer.

Based upon the history of energy healing and the lack of formal structure of classes and instruction thousands of years ago, I believe it is possible to become attuned to the Universal Life Force Energy we now call Reiki energy through awareness, understanding, acceptance, gratitude and generosity; that is to say, through meditation and usage.

Attunement happens spontaneously through practice, focus, intention, love and gratitude.

Try This

Research, explore and accept with gratitude some of the self-attunements offered in books and online classes. See how you feel afterwards.


Consider taking as many energy healing classes that are available to you. Explore all categories and avenues, from Usui to Holy Fire/Karuna, to the Tibetan perspectives. Accept the attunements from all of them. Energy healing and Reiki can do no harm.

Start a journal to trace and feel the different energies from each new attunement. Which ones feel best, strongest or affect you the most?


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